CHAD type high gradient magnetic separator

During the period from 1982 to 1990, the mining was developed into a high gradient magnetic separator with Φ1OOOmm and Φ1600mm CHAD. It uses a novel magnetic structure that separates in the cavity of the solenoid coil by means of a corrosion-resistant soft magnetic medium. The advantages are:-----

Application of new collector BK410 in a fluorite mine

The inhibitor BK410 is a liquid which is easily dispersed in water, has good low-temperature fluidity, and has low viscosity. Compared with the currently used oleic acid, it has the characteristics of strong dispersibility and good selectivity. Water glass as inhibitors, BK410 recovering a calcite -----

Dust harm to the human body

Dust is harmful to the human body in many ways. The nasal cavity is a good dust filter for humans. Generally, dust particles larger than 10 microns are trapped in the mucus layer of the nasal cavity and upper respiratory tract under the action of gravity and inertial collision, and can be discharge-----

How to choose the shape of the section?

The reasonable shape of the alley is to make the structure in a good stress state under different formation pressure conditions. It can ensure the safety of the roadway and the most economical materials, and at the same time, the section excavation works are the least and easy to construct. It is -----