Taiwan LED faces five major patent challenges

LED screen network reported that in Europe and the United States, sitting on the LED patent, and the strong price competition of the Chinese mainland LED factory, Taiwan's LED industry is facing the enemy, facing enormous challenges. Experts pointed out that Taiwan is currently hitting the wall-----

Taocheng Chemical Additives Rio Tinto Overseas Market

China Drying Network Hebei Hengshui Taocheng Chemical Auxiliary Co., Ltd. relies on product innovation and actively explores the international market. In January, the active tri-salt and Huangdan products achieved 100% export to the international market, and the enterprises added more than 500,000-----

Special wrecker

The China Car Net Wrecker has been included in China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. Wrecker Cars Announcement All 5 Categories 92 Manufacturers 86 Wrecker Brands 1563 Wrecker Products, Latest Wrecker Announcements, Environmental Notic-----

JMC Reorganizes Taiyuan CNHTC

The reporter learned from the Shanxi Provincial Economic and Information Technology Commission that the reorganization of Taiyuan Heavy Duty Truck by Jiangling Heavy Duty Truck has been completed. After the completion of the acquisition, the new Taiyuan Heavy Duty Truck will serve as a wholly-owne-----