Mineral processing plant production management system

In order to strengthen beneficiation plant management, promote the production management level, improve mineral production conditions, make full use of resources and improve economic efficiency, especially the development of this system.
1. Under the leadership of the director of the concentrator and the deputy director, the team leader and the team leader organized the employees of the construction section to seriously complete their own production tasks; at the same time, strictly control the material consumption and strengthen the production cost management.
2. While organizing the production of this section, each section must coordinate the relationship with the relevant sections to ensure smooth and orderly production. The length of the section and the team leader should always conduct a comprehensive inspection of the production and process conditions.
3. The length of the section and the team leader must be familiar with the equipment performance and process flow, flexibly organize the production, ensure the sound development of each production link, and benign circulation, and create good working conditions for the production of subsequent operations.
4. The post work must be strictly in accordance with the post safety operation rules and technical operation card requirements, and it is forbidden to falsify and opportunistic in production.
5. put an end to all kinds of "run, run, drip, leak" accidents, prevent metal loss, promote conservation, eliminate the "long-running water, long light" phenomenon.
6. The length of the section and the technicians must go deep into the production line, understand the production situation, and timely analyze and solve various problems in production.
7. Under the leadership of the production and equipment management team, study the weak links and existing problems in production, propose solutions to problems, and organize forces to carry out equipment renewal and process transformation.
8. Each section must have a clear division of labor and perform its duties to ensure that the original ore grade, concentrate grade, recovery rate and other production indicators meet the standards.
9. The length of each section should regularly supervise and inspect the attendance of employees in this section, strengthen the inspection of indicators, and carefully check the implementation of the post responsibility system of the team members.
10. The technical personnel should regularly check the production process, do a good job of testing, and provide reliable technical data for production.

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