Drying equipment needs a comprehensive and multi-level energy-saving transformation

It is understood that compared with developed countries, there is still a certain gap between the quality and technical level of domestic drying equipment products. Therefore, China's drying equipment manufacturers must continue to learn from international advanced technology, combined with practical experience, explore new technologies, develop new technologies, and come up with new products to participate in international competition.

With the emphasis on environmental protection by human beings, improving the environmental protection measures of drying equipment to reduce the leakage of dust and exhaust gas will also require further research. Experts said that through technological competition, a strong, united, superior-sufficiency, and nurturing a leader in the industry, may be just around the corner.

Experts said that in exploring the new development path for drying technology, comprehensive consideration must be given to energy efficiency, environmental protection, and product quality in order to achieve comprehensive, coordinated, and sustainable development. To implement the development strategy of high efficiency and green drying, we must first take the path of resource-saving development, and change the single extensive drying into combination and intelligent drying.

Experts said that China's drying plant should not only undergo fundamental transformation from the drying process, but also carry out comprehensive and multi-level energy-saving technological transformation and vigorously develop drying technologies that apply renewable energy and industrial waste heat. In order to develop from a large dry country to a powerful one, China must further strengthen basic theoretical research and lay a solid foundation for applied research and application development. Technically, it is necessary to strengthen the degree of automation, test technology, manufacturing process, material design, etc. .

In addition, the government should establish and improve comprehensive evaluation criteria and industry standards for drying equipment, establish macro-control and market regulation mechanisms, and accelerate the upgrading of drying technologies. The market demand promotes product innovation, and the drying equipment industry is committed to the research and development of new products. The future development prospects are immeasurable.

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