Spectacular optical shop decoration design details

Popular glasses shop decoration design program details. Sunshine Sight Decoration Group (13253646653) is a comprehensive enterprise integrating optical shop decoration, optical shop logo design, glasses showcase development, production, construction, training service wu. More than 60 experienced senior designers team, more than 20,000 sets of decoration effect plans and optical shop decoration program, for more than 14,000 optical shop customers across the country to provide a professional shopping space decoration service wu.
Glasses, in today's society, functionality has been unable to meet the needs of consumers, is no longer for the so-called just need to spend, but already essential accessories like clothing, especially many young consumer groups began to form their own brand loyalty. Then, at the moment, it is an opportunity and a challenge for any optical shop. Traditional optical shop sales are already in the past. The most appealing consumer group for high IQ and high emotional intelligence is the shopping environment.
As a designer, the design of optical shops and glasses showcases needs to be designed according to different spatial functions and characteristics, as well as the needs of the overall concept. Due to differences in ideas and ideas, the design elements of these spaces are not the same, so design time According to the specific circumstances to deal with flexibility, can create a good and unique space gas.
Regardless of the scale and grade of the optical shop space, it is composed of several spaces. The conventional space can be divided into the main optical shop, the individual optical shop, and the workplace according to the use function. To deal with a variety of different functions of optical shops and their role in the overall distribution of space, so a reasonable, effective and safe division and organization of space, has become an important part of optical shop design.
The optical shop space design must meet the basic requirements of the customer's and customer-friendly shopping attributes, and express the aesthetic taste and artistic value of the optical shop space. The first xian area determines the interior design of the optical shop. Economic, reasonable and effective use of space is a means that designers need to grasp. Order is an important factor in the design of optical shops. If we pay too much attention to the changes in the plane, we will loosen up. We must use good laws to grasp the order in order to achieve an overall and flexible planar effect. The arrangement of the glasses showcase needs to satisfy the comfort and extensibility of the customer's activity space.
As an eyeglass space sales market, people can easily relax and enjoy the beauty of culture and art at the time of purchase, which will virtually enhance the role of the optical shop as an additional service. The optical shop space design can use a variety of historical and cultural elements, national folk culture and other elements to create a cultural atmosphere, multi-angle, multi-view to dig out the connotation of different cultural styles, in search of design inspiration.
An environment with a good cultural taste can infect a customer's improvisation to a large extent. A unique space will often attract customers into the store. Designers must be good at analyzing the needs of various social groups and the psychology of social culture. They should try hard to find cultural themes that are loved and admired by people and display and deepen the design elements. From the outside to the inside, from the space to the display of glasses, the entire space of the optical shop is packaged so as to express the atmosphere of the cultural theme of the glasses space.
Sunshine Vision Decoration Industrial Group focused on optical shop design and decoration in 16 years, with more than 500 employees; more than 20,000 square meters of modern factories, is currently the largest production base of glasses showcases; more than 1,000 meters of modern office environment, the country's 13 sales subsidiaries, Beijing, Shanghai and Zhengzhou R&D centers, 27 provinces provide you with a professional and efficient service network; the only one in the industry adopts German imported automatic custom furniture production lines and large-scale glass processing equipment in the industry, with an annual production capacity of 50,000 meters; more than 50 A senior design team with over 5 years experience in the industry. In the past 16 years, with high quality, high efficiency value and high cost performance, the sun has become the strategic partner of several well-known optical chain companies such as Baodao, Jinggong, Wuliangcai, and Botao.
Sunshine Sight Decoration Group's core strengths: 1,16 years focused on the eyewear industry; 2,14,000 customers successfully witnessed; 3,56 senior team with more than five years of industry experience; 4,25,000-level modern production base, only in the industry Some use the German UV automatic mechanism furniture production line, the annual production capacity of 50,000 meters; 5, 13 branches, 27 provinces to provide you with a professional and efficient service network; 6, to create China's optical industry consulting floor-standing service courses - Mirror shop through the operating system, the average customer service performance increased by more than 30%.


Product description:

KY-175℃ KYNAR Heat Shrinkable TubBicycle brake wireis protected Heat Shrinkable sleeving made of irradiation cross-linked special fluorine polymer PVDF ( polyvinylidene fluoride ). PVDF Heat-Shrinkable tube with the specialty of superior chemical and physical properties, high temperature resistance, high flame resistance, chemical solvent resistance, rub resistance, and so on.

KY-175 ℃ KYNAR Heat-shrinkable tubing for automobile stay wire /Friction-resistant heat-shrinkable tube it`s used in Automobile, Car,Electronics, Military, Medical equipment and other fields and allies to industries: automobile, motorcycle cables,bicycle brake cables for insulation protection. Scalpel,coagulator knife, electric coagulation knife and other metal medical equipment for insulation protection.

Feature & benefit:

a) Semi-hard materials, thin wall design
b) Resistant to 175 degrees Celsius
c) Shrink ratio: 2/1, 3/1
d) High flame resistance  VW-1
e) Transparent design, inner player is visual when operating

Operating Indexes:

a) Min. Shrink temp.: 155 degrees Celsius
b) Recovered Shrink temp.: 175 degrees Celsius
c) Working temperature: -55~175 degrees Celsius 

Up to standard: Approvals
Meet AMS-DTL-23053/18 , Class 2    
Meet UL224 150 degrees Celsius  600V  VW-1

Kynar Heat Shrinkable Tube For Motorcycle Pulling Wiring

Kynar Heat Shrinkable Tube For Motorcycle Pulling Wiring
Pvdf Heat Shrinkable Tube For  digging line of inhaul cable
Medical Grade  PVDF High Temperature Resistant Heat Shrink Tubing
PVDF High Tempartur Resistant Heat shrink tubing

Kynar coagulation scalpel heat shrinkable tube (1)

High Temperature Heat-Shrinkable Tube

Friction resistant heat shrinkable tube,KYNAR HEAT SHRINKABLE TUBE,PVDF Heat Shrinkable Tube,The brake line protects the heat-shrinkable tube

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