Mr. Michelin Tire won the "Best Logo of the Century" award on the occasion of the 120th anniversary

At Advertising Week, a global event in the marketing, branding and advertising industry, Michelin Tire “Bibidaden” won the “Icon of the Millenium” award, which not only became Mr. Michelin Tire 120 One of the most perfect birthday gifts of the anniversary, it also inspired and proud of the 110,000-meter-wide employees of the company.
Mr. Michelin Tire "Bibida" Mr. Michelin Tire "Bibida"

Adeline CHALLON-KEMOUN, executive vice president of the brand, sustainable development, communications and public affairs department of the Michelin Group, said: "Since the birth of 1898, 'Bibden' has existed not only as an advertising logo. He is a living The role represents the Michelin Group's values, commitments and mission. As the group's ambassador for mobility, he delivers information, advises all road users and accompanyes them on every journey."

Michelin Michelin

According to the reputation ranking published by the independent research institute “Reputation Institute”, Michelin ranks 11th among global companies. To achieve such extraordinary achievements, it is inseparable from the global popularity and emotional influence of one of the world's oldest trademarks, “Bibida”.

Enhancing the sustainable mobility of people and goods is Michelin's mission as a global tire industry leader. As the image ambassador of the Michelin brand, both the past 120 years and every journey of the future. Mr. Michelin Tire will always be with you.

Reading volume: Source: Michelin China Author: Thousand Lan

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