What do you need to pay attention to when choosing an access controller?

In today's increasingly complex social composition, access control security has always been a concern, access control as an important part of the access control system, its quality and performance directly affect the stability of access control security, affecting the lives of the head of the household And property security. So what should we pay attention to when purchasing an access controller, in order to buy a product with high security and high reliability?
Access controller application requirements
The access controller is the hardware core of the access control system, and its quality and performance directly affect the stability of the entire access control system. As part of the core data processing and storage, the access controller assumes the card reading authority and access rights for setting cards, monitoring the status of the entrance and exit, recording access control events, and important functions linked to other systems such as alarms and fire protection systems throughout the access control system. . As the access control system plays an increasingly important role in the security management of enterprises, the traditional mechanical door lock management has been unable to adapt to the safe management of modern life. Its demand performance is as follows:
1. Improve safety: grading and zoning of the designated areas, restricting the relevant personnel to enter the important areas at will, determining the passage level and the allowed passage time according to the position and work nature of the staff, and managing some important areas. For example, the bank vault and the subway control room are equipped with multiple access modes to meet the better security requirements of the area and prevent internal theft.
2. Improve management efficiency: Real-time understanding and setting the status of each access point through the central management center to reduce the cost of personnel patrol. The system can record events in real time, which is convenient for enterprises to produce various personnel management reports such as attendance and scheduling.
3. It can be integrated with other systems: It can integrate a unified security platform with fire protection, alarm and other systems to achieve accident warning and prevent various dangers. When a disaster occurs, the system can automatically open the gate set in the control area to facilitate personnel escape. Combined with the monitoring system, the access control system can automatically switch the photographic images and monitor and record the parts that need to be monitored.
Therefore, the stability and performance of the access controller are also receiving more and more attention. The access controller shall be able to establish communication with the computer, monitor the entry and exit of each door in real time, and perform the setting and analysis of the access rights of the card through the access control management software installed on the computer to generate the statistical attendance report; once the communication is interrupted The system can run normally offline. Therefore, a safe, flexible, and easily expandable network access controller will be the development trend of access controllers.
Four major misunderstandings of the access controller
Misunderstanding 1: Imported access controllers will be better
Imported controllers are very good in product stability and maturity, but they are expensive, and due to geographical differences, the timeliness of services will be poor, and the cost of services will be high. At the same time, due to cultural differences, Foreign users have different requirements and requirements for access control and China's national conditions. Many functions are not suitable for China's national conditions and Chinese users' needs. Of course, many of China's access controller manufacturers have small production scales, weak design capabilities, and few successful application cases. Engineering companies should also choose carefully. Many Chinese access controller manufacturers, in order to sell their own products, are fraudulently sold in the guise of Taiwan, the United States, Canada and other countries. In fact, product quality has great problems, and this phenomenon should be treated with caution.
Myth 2: The wider the compatibility of the reader, the better.
Some controllers claim to be compatible with readers of various formats, such as 485 format ABA format wiegand3740 format readers. In fact, it is not necessary. Although these formats have some advantages in some parts, they do not conform to international standards. In the future, upgrading and expanding and anti-jamming bring troubles. We insist on practical and stable compliance with the standard is the ideal principle. It is recommended that you only need the card reader that meets the international standard of wiegand26/34bit. The imported access controller 90 is in line with This standard.
Myth 3: The more powerful the function, the better.
Many domestic controllers promote how powerful their products are, and the effect of one-sided exaggeration on access control is actually the most important for the stability of access control and the ease of function and practical operation. We recommend that the powerful extensions be shielded and the customer needs to provide them to meet their needs. Some of the features that are not used by customers should not be recommended for customers. This can reduce the cost of training and maintenance, and the customers will be satisfied. .
Myth 4: The more expensive the price, the better, or the cheaper the better.
A good value for money product is the right product. The expensive product may be because his production is not high, or the cost of advertising is too high, not necessarily the product value is high, the cheap product, or it may be the manufacturer's one-sided pursuit of low cost, reduced protection circuit investment, or Inferior and second-hand chips are used, so the engineer must polish the eyes to make a reasonable assessment of the product's performance and price ratio.
Access controller purchase advice
Recommendation 1: Choose an access controller with anti-crash and self-test circuit design
If the access controller crashes, it will make the user unable to open the door or close the door, which will bring great inconvenience to the customer. At the same time, it will increase the maintenance and maintenance cost of the engineer. The access controller must be installed with a reset chip or optional. CPU with reset function, generally 51 series CPU does not have reset function, you need to install reset chip. At the same time, it must have a self-test function. If the circuit crashes due to interference or abnormal conditions, the system can self-test and self-start in an instant.
Recommendation 2: Access controller with three-level lightning protection circuit design
Since the communication line of the access controller is distributed and vulnerable to inductive lightning, the access controller must be designed for lightning protection. We recommend a three-level lightning protection design, which first discharges the large current and high voltage generated by the lightning strike through the discharge tube, and clamps the current and voltage entering the circuit through the inductor and the resistance circuit. The residual current and voltage are then released at high speed by the TVS high speed discharge tube before it damages the circuit. The lightning protection index requires 4000V induction lightning for 50 consecutive times without damage to the equipment. The lightning protection index is high, and the anti-surge and anti-static ability of the equipment will be correspondingly high. Some products advertise that they also have 1500V lightning protection capability. In fact, this indicator is available on all chips, and does not have the ability to prevent lightning strikes and surges.
Recommendation 3: The storage capacity of the registration card should be large, and the storage capacity of the offline recording should be large enough. The storage chip needs to use a non-volatile memory chip.
It is recommended that the registration card permission should reach 20,000, and the offline storage record should reach 100,000. This is suitable for most customers' storage capacity requirements and convenient for attendance statistics. Be sure to use non-volatile memory chips such as Flash. Power loss or shock information will not be lost. If the RAM battery mode is used, if the battery is dead or loose, or if it is subjected to current surge information, it may be lost. The access control system may fail.
Recommendation 4: The application should be simple and practical, easy to operate
If the application control program is applied, it will undoubtedly increase the cost and time for the training of the project to the customer. The customer is not easy to master the operation of the software and will be angered by the service attitude of the engineering company, which will have a bad influence on the collection and renewal. If the customer does not understand the software, it is easy to cause misoperation, resulting in practical inconvenience. Therefore, we recommend that the engineering company choose the access controller when it is necessary to pay attention to whether the operation of the software is simple and convenient. One-sided emphasis on power is not suitable for promotion.
Recommendation 5: The design of the communication circuit should have a self-test function, which is suitable for the needs of large system networking.
The networking of the access controller should be networked by TCP/IP, which is suitable for the needs of large-system networking, and has better compatibility and scalability.
Recommendation 6: It is advisable to use a relay with a well-known brand of high power and current feedback protection at the output.
The output of the access controller is controlled by a relay. When the controller is working, the relay should be opened and closed frequently, and an instantaneous current is passed every time it is opened and closed. If the relay capacity is too small, the instantaneous current may exceed the capacity of the relay and will quickly damage the relay. In general, the relay capacity should be more than 3 times the peak current of the electric lock. It is recommended to use a relay with a rated working current of 7A. The output terminal is usually an inductive device with a large current such as an electric lock. The instantaneous on-off will generate the impact of the feedback current, so the output terminal should be protected by components such as varistor or reverse diode.
Recommendation 7: It is recommended that the engineering manufacturer find the controller manufacturer or the manufacturer-designated agent to purchase
Only by directly looking for manufacturers or manufacturers to specify the purchase of the equipment is possible or perfect technical services, perfect after-sales service is guaranteed, and has a reliable follow-up research and development capabilities to ensure product continuity and advancement. Buying controllers from other sources may have lower prices, but technical support and after-sales services may not be enough.
Recommendation 8: The reader input circuit needs to be protected against surge and mis-connection protection.
When the construction company is constructing, it is often electrified for wiring or debugging. It may be accidentally negligent, connected to the wrong card reader or accidentally caused a local short circuit. If there is no anti-surge and anti-missing protection, it is easy to burn the central processing chip, causing the whole controller to be damaged and need to be sent back to the factory for repair, which may delay the construction period and increase the construction cost. Good protection can prevent the circuit from being burned even if the power is connected to the data terminal of the reader. The anti-surge dynamic voltage protection can avoid the normal operation of the controller due to the quality problem of the reader.
Recommendation 9: Manufacturers need to provide authoritative quality certification
Manufacturers need to provide authoritative test reports and product inspection reports from government quality regulators. And pay attention to verify the authenticity of these documents. The quality of products that have the corresponding third-party certification and supervision will be guaranteed.

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