Tea Garden Insect Lamp - "Insecticide Artifact" in Tea Garden

Every year, major pests such as small green leafhoppers and tea-striped tea plants are active and abnormal, and they breed very quickly. The breeding of pests in tea gardens will affect the yield and quality of tea, seriously affecting the efficiency of tea planting, and the use of chemical pesticides to kill insects will pollute the ecology of tea gardens and cause problems of pesticide residues in tea. Therefore, there is a fierce contradiction between ecological protection and pest control in tea gardens. However, with the acceleration of the construction of ecological tea gardens in recent years, the prevention and control of pests and diseases has begun to develop in the direction of green prevention and control. It is abandoning chemical pesticides, but using the tea garden insecticidal lamp - the "killing artifact" in the tea garden to kill, and achieved immediate results.

Tea plant insecticidal lamp

In order to grow good tea, it is very important to do a good job in the tea garden ecology. In the face of frequent tea garden pest nuisance, it is necessary to take effective measures to prevent and control, and to avoid the destruction of the tea garden ecology, using the physiology of tea garden insecticidal lamps. The prevention and control method to replace pesticides and insecticides is the most ideal pest control method. Setting up a tea garden insecticidal lamp in the tea garden is like propping up a green "protective umbrella" for the tea garden. It is an artifact for the construction of an ecological green tea garden.

At present, with the vigorous development of ecological tea gardens in various regions, the construction of tea garden ecological prevention and control system has attracted attention. The use of professional tea garden insecticidal lamps is an important part of the construction of tea garden ecological prevention and control system. The insecticidal lamp faces the tea garden pests, focuses on the tea garden pests and traps, and the wind-suction design has a good killing effect on small insects such as small green leafhoppers in the tea garden, and the insecticidal process of the tea garden insecticidal lamp is green and efficient, for the tea garden. The green ecology has played an important role in protecting and promoting the dual improvement of tea quality and value.

Green prevention and control achievements "good tea", through the promotion of new technologies and new products for green prevention and control such as tea plant insecticidal lamps in tea gardens, the use of pesticides in tea gardens has been reduced, the benefits have increased, and significant economic and ecological benefits have been achieved. And the brand is also recognized by the market.

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