What are the advantages of the intelligent three-roller brake?

The shape of the intelligent three-roller brake series is stamped and formed by stainless steel plate, which is beautiful in appearance, rust-proof and durable. The system adopts standard electrical interface, which can easily integrate bar code card, ID card, IC card, fingerprint and other reading and writing equipment. On this device.
1. The unique electromagnetic clutch device is used to realize the zero position locking and unlocking of the gate.
2. The whole system runs smoothly, is completely silent, has no mechanical impact, and has a long service life.
3, sound, light alarm function: including illegal intrusion, trailing alarm.
4, with fault self-test and alarm prompt function, convenient for user maintenance and use.
5, with a variety of working modes to choose from, you can read the card two-way current limit, you can also read the card, the other direction is prohibited, while reading the card, the other direction free passage, and the gate work mode can pass the control panel The button is set without changing the mechanical structure.
6, with power off the pole, power on the automatic rod function.
7. It has the function of controlling the falling rod and the upper rod in a long distance to meet the special needs of users and the fire safety requirements.
8. It has a unified and standard external electrical interface, which can be connected with various reading and writing devices to facilitate system integration and remote control and management through management computer.
9, can automatically count the number of people in the traffic direction, and there are LED display.
10. It has a clear traffic indication function to indicate to the passer in an intuitive way whether it can pass or prohibit traffic.
12, with card memory and no memory function, and users can set according to their own needs through the control panel button.
13. Through the software setting, the total number of personnel inside the site can be limited to meet the special requirements of some special occasions.
14, with automatic reset function. After the card is read, the passer will automatically cancel the pass permission of the passer when the passer does not pass within the specified time, and the restricted pass time can be set by the manager.
15, with anti-drill and anti-climb alarm function.

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