Application of high-throughput tissue grinder in rapid extraction of corn seed DNA

For plants, the life of many plants begins with seeds. Therefore, in order to continue the good genetic characteristics of good seeds, in the agricultural research, seed research and testing is a very important work content, especially the genetic characteristics of plants. And we know that the genetic characteristics of plants are usually affected by the DNA of the seed, because in order to quickly extract the seed DNA and facilitate subsequent research and analysis, a highly efficient seed grinding method is widely used in the laboratory, which is to use high-throughput. A tissue grinder is used to grind the seeds to quickly extract the seed DNA.

High-throughput tissue grinder

Taking corn seeds as an example, corn is a relatively common food crop and is widely cultivated in northern China. In the corn seed breeding research, in order to understand the genetic characteristics of corn seeds, it is necessary to pre-treat the corn seeds to prepare the grinding samples that meet the requirements. The high-throughput tissue grinder is an instrument dedicated to the grinding of sample tissue. The plant tissue that can be ground includes roots, stems, leaves, flowers, fruits, seeds, and the like. The application of high-throughput tissue grinder in the rapid extraction of corn seed DNA provides a rapid and effective grinding method for the grinding of corn seeds, providing technical support for the rapid extraction of corn seed DNA, greatly improving the grinding. Efficiency and effectiveness.

The high-flux tissue grinder adopts the vertical oscillation mode, and the oscillating system reciprocates at a high frequency, so that the frozen sample in the grinding tube collides with the grinding ball, and the grinding shearing force and the impact force generate complete crushing of the tissue, and the grinding effect is excellent. The sample processing capacity is large, which can better replace manual grinding, which greatly saves the sample grinding time. After the user uses the feedback, the appearance of the grinder is beautiful and generous, the operation is relatively simple, and the grinding effect is also very good. In the seed testing room, the task of seed grinding and rapid extraction of seed DNA is well taken, and the practical application effect is very good. .

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