The world’s first ultra-compact laser accelerator irradiator is built and runs out

[China Instrument Network Instrument Development] As the core instrument and equipment in nuclear science, the accelerator has an important influence on the survival and development of human beings and the status and security of the country. It has become an important symbol for measuring comprehensive national strength. Compared with conventional accelerators, laser accelerators can be significantly reduced in size and cost, while the resulting ion beam has high energy, short pulses (picoseconds), small size (microns), good directivity, and temporal and spatial resolution. High advantage.

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The Laser Acceleration Team led by Academician Chen Jiaxuan and Prof. Yan Xueqing of the State Key Laboratory of Nuclear Physics and Nuclear Technology (Peking University) has captured high-contrast and high-light laser technology, self-supporting nano-film target preparation technology, ultra-high-strength ion beam transmission technology and laser accelerator spokes. According to key technologies such as research platforms, high-current ion beam transmission and analysis systems based on electric quadrupole lenses and analytical magnets were used for the first time, and 3-10MeV adjustable energy high-frequency, short-pulse proton beam transmission tests were conducted, eventually building the world. The first ultra-compact laser accelerator irradiator. In 2017, the laser accelerator device officially operated out of the beam, the acceleration parameter index was 1 to 15 MeV proton beam, the total flow intensity was 106-8 particles/six, and the accelerator could stably obtain a 1% energy/proton beam with 1-10 pC power. Reached the international best indicators and passed on-site technical testing of peer experts.
For the first time, the accelerator device achieves laser acceleration to the accelerator. In the future, laser accelerators will be widely used in fields such as advanced light sources, generation of dense materials, nuclear medicine, space radiation environment simulation, inertial confinement fusion, and international thermonuclear fusion reactors.
(Title: The State Key Laboratory of Nuclear Physics and Nuclear Technology has built the first ultra-compact laser accelerator irradiator and operates the beam)

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