10L Competitive Price Portable Oxygen Cylinder Export to Iran

Model NO.: Export to Iran
Double-Acting Cylinder Type: Common Cylinder
Special Cylinder Type: Number of Cylinders
Combination Cylinder Type: Gas-Liquid Pressurized Cylinder
Water Capacity: 10L
Cylinder Material: 37mn
Cylinder Standard: ISO9809-3
Height: 830mm
Working Pressure: 150bar
Test Pressure: 200bar
20FT Container: 1200PCS
Weight: 13.5kg
Valve: Qf-2c7
Diameter: 140mm
Trademark: DSW seamless steel gas cylinder
Transport Package: Box
Specification: ISO9809-3
Origin: China
HS Code: 73110090

Model Number: ISO140-10-150


Material: Steel 37Mn

new seamless steel gas cylinder for N2,O2

Industrial nitrogen Gas

Pressure: High

Place of Origin: China (Mainland)

Brand Name: DSW high pressure gas cylinder

Thickness of seamless:4.1mm

Height: 830mm

weight of seamless: 13.5kg

working pressure:150bar

test pressure: 250bar


10L Competitive Price Portable Oxygen Cylinder Export to Iran
100% new high quality seamless steel pipe from Bao Shan Iron co.,ltd (Baosteel).
Total five working line make 3000pcs per day for oxygen gas cylinder, argon gas cylinder, helium gas cylinder, Nitrogen gas cylinder , Co2 gas cylinder, N2O gas cylinder..etc

10L Competitive Price Portable Oxygen Cylinder Export to Iran

China top one advanced heat treatment machine. And China top one internal polishing machine to make high purity gas cylinder with 99.999% oxygen gas, helium gas, N2O gas and argon gas....

100% Hydrostatic prssure test and leakage test to keep the quality

Advanced automatic  spraying working line make the spraying at high top quality , no any bubble , without shrinkage and distoration .
10L Competitive Price Portable Oxygen Cylinder Export to Iran
Japan imported shoulder marking machine make it the most qualified ones  .
DSW seamless gas cylinder have nice appearance shoulders because we use shape-correction machine treatment make the cylinder shoulder most beautiful shape which other supplier can't be compared.

Laboratory test standard  ISO9809-3 and ISO9809-1, DOT-3AA, EN1964,GB5099 ..etc
Type   (mm) (L) (mm) (Kg) (Mpa) (mm)  
Outside Water () (,) Working Design Wall Material
Diameter Capacity Height Weight(Without Pressure Thickness Grades
    (Withoutvalve) valve,cap)      
ISO102-1.8-150 102 1.8 325 3.5 150 3 37Mn
ISO102-3-150 3 498 5.2
ISO102-3.4-150 3.4 555 5.7
ISO102-4.4-150 4.4 700 7.2
ISO108-1.4-150 108 1.4 240 2.9 150 3.2 37Mn
ISO108-1.8-150 1.8 285 3.3
ISO108-2-150 2 310 3.6
ISO108-3-150 3 437 4.9
ISO108-3.6-150 3.6 515 5.7
ISO108-4-150 4 565 6.2
ISO108-5-150 5 692 7.5
ISO140-3.4-150 140 3.4 321 5.8 150 4.1 37Mn
ISO140-4-150 4 365 6.4
ISO140-5-150 5 440 7.6
ISO140-6-150 6 515 8.8
ISO140-6.3-150 6.3 545 9.2
ISO140-6.7-150 6.7 567 9.5
ISO140-7-150 7 595 9.9
ISO140-7.5-150 7.5 632 10.5
ISO140-8-150 8 665 11
ISO140-9-150 9 745 12.2
ISO140-10-150 10 830 13.5
ISO140-11-150 11 885 14.3
ISO140-13.4-150 13.4 1070 17.1
ISO140-14-150 14 1115 17.7
ISO159-7-150 159 7 495 9.8 150 4.7 37Mn
ISO159-8-150 8 554 10.8
ISO159-9-150 9 610 11.7
ISO159-10-150 10 665 12.7
ISO159-11-150 11 722 13.7
ISO159-12-150 12 790 14.8
ISO159-12.5-150 12.5 802 15
ISO159-13-150 13 833 15.6
ISO159-13.4-150 13.4 855 16
ISO159-13.7-150 13.7 878 16.3
ISO159-14-150 14 890 16.5
ISO159-15-150 15 945 17.5
ISO159-16-150 16 1000 18.4
ISO180-8-150 180 8 480 13.8 150 5.3 37Mn
ISO180-10-150 10 570 16.1
ISO180-12-150 12 660 18.3
ISO180-15-150 15 790 21.6
ISO180-20-150 20 1015 27.2
ISO180-21-150 21 1061 28.3
ISO180-21.6-150 21.6 1087 29
ISO180-22.3-150 22.3 1100 29.4
Company profile:
Established in 1998. Our company possesses three production lines for production of various seamless gas cylinders. The annual production and sale for gas cylinders of below 20L for 600 thousand pieces, accounting for 90% domestic share in small size gas cylinder market. The recently set up new production line for 0.4L-80L emergency respirator, colliery escape capsule and refuge chamber has the annual production of 700 thousand pieces of cylinders. By the year 2013, the total specifications we do ascent to 109 types to meet different customers' requirement. 

Our major products are oxygen cylinder, nitrogen gas cylinder, carbon dioxide gas cylinder, argon gas cylinder, other industrial gas cylinder, medical oxygen gas cylindersupply unit, etc., with wide application for fields of medical apparatus and instruments, engineering machinery, colliery rescue, gas industry, welding-cutting machinery, and chemical industry. Our cryogenic vessels production line mainly produce cryogenic liquid storage tanks, welding insulation cylinders, cryogenic reaction device, cryogenic tanks, cryogenic ISO tank container and air temperature vaporizer. 

So far our products are enjoying good markets at home and exporting to European and American countries, the Middle East countries, West Asia, as well as South and East Asia countries.

Why choose DSW as good supplier:

1, Old established company around 15 years history. Customers from South America, Asia, Middle east , Europe and Africa.

2, Advanced euquipment, especially the heat treat machine and internalo polish machine, can do internal polish 500 pcs a day. Total four working line make 3000pcs per day gas cylinder. Imported Japan shoulder marking machine make the cylinder arrange number one in China.

3, Compared other supplier gas cylinder, DSW seamless gas cylinder have nice appearance because we use shape-correction machine treatment make the cylinder shoulder beautiful shape.

4 , Payment : we gave our customers good payment condition so that customers don't worry about their payment.

5, our sales team  has 5 to 15 years working export business experience. We know what customers need what kind of quality and what kind of cylinders . Time by time we introduce new different cylinders to our customers.
In our mind make customer easy ,make customers bought most compentitve and most high quality cylinders and fast delivery time shipment is our goal.



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