Baggage Cargo Trailer Cart for Aviation Equipment

Model NO.: GW-AE06-21
GSE Baggage Cargo cart Trailer for Airport Aviation

Product Description
1. It is suitable for baggage, wrap and bulk cargo. Since there is a fixed canopy and side sliding waterproof material, it is widely accepted by those countries which have heavy rainfall,
2. The tow bar can pull 5 units behind and applies brake when it is below the horizon.
3. The turn table steering enable the unit has a minimum turning radius of less than 3.5 meters.
4. Durable solid tire.
5. In the rear, there is a fool proof hitch which prevents any detachment towing behind.
6. The working platform can be of steel plate or checker plate, depending on customer's requirements.
7. Loading mode: Both side.

Technical Specification
1. Overall dimension: 4300 mm L x 1575 mm W x 1800 mm H
2. Platform dimension: 2744 mm L x 1575 mm W
3. Height of working platform: 560 mm
4. Tire size: 16 x 5 9
5. Loading capacity: 2000 kg(1000kgs tare weight)
6. Speed: 25 km/h
Main Component Material
1. Frame: #8 standard channel steel
2. Side wall: 2 mm steel plate and 40 x 3 mm square tube
3. Canopy: 1.5 mm steel plate
4. Working platform: 3 mm steel plate
5. Frames full paint

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