The basic requirements for the maintenance and repair of CNC machine tools

After we understand the purpose and significance of the maintenance and maintenance of CNC machine tools, we must also clarify the basic requirements. mainly include:

1. In terms of ideology, we must attach great importance to the maintenance and maintenance of CNC machine tools, especially to the operators of CNC machine tools. We can not just operate, and neglect the daily maintenance and maintenance of CNC machine tools.

2, improve the overall quality of operators

The use of CNC machine tools is more difficult than the use of ordinary machine tools, because CNC machine tools are typical electromechanical integration products, it involves a wide range of knowledge, that is, operators should have a wider range of professional knowledge of machine, electricity, liquid, gas and so on. Furthermore, because of the rapid upgrading and replacement of CNC systems in their electrical control systems, if they do not regularly participate in professional theoretical training, they cannot master the new CNC system applications. Therefore, the quality requirements imposed on operators are very high. To this end, CNC operators must be trained to learn more about the principles, performance, lubrication locations, and methods of the machine tool and lay the foundation for better use of the machine tool. At the same time, in the use and management of CNC machine tools, formulate a series of practical and effective measures.

3, to create a good environment for the use of CNC machine tools

Because CNC machine tools contain a large number of electronic components, they are most afraid of direct sunlight, but also afraid of moisture and dust, vibration, etc., which can cause corrosion or deterioration of electronic components or cause a short circuit between components, causing the machine to operate abnormally. For this reason, the environment for the use of CNC machine tools should be kept clean, dry, constant temperature and vibration-free; for the power supply should be kept stable, generally only ± 10% fluctuations are allowed.

4, strictly follow the correct operating procedures

Regardless of the type of CNC machine tool, it has its own set of operating procedures. This is not only an important measure to guarantee the personal safety of operators, but also an important measure to ensure the safety of equipment and the use of product quality. Therefore, the user must operate correctly according to the operating procedures. If the machine tool is used for the first time or for a long period of time, it should be allowed to idle for a few minutes; pay special attention to the sequence and precautions for starting and shutting down the machine during use. For the details of the operation procedures of various types of CNC machine tools, see 6.5 below.

5, in use, as much as possible to increase the operating rate of CNC machine tools

In use, it is necessary to increase the starting rate of CNC machine tools as much as possible. For the newly purchased CNC machine tools should be put into use as soon as possible, the equipment in the early use of the failure rate is often relatively large, the user should make full use of the machine tool during the warranty period to make its weak links as soon as possible exposed, in the warranty period to be resolved. If there is a shortage of production tasks, you cannot use it at regular intervals. If you want to use it on a regular basis, run air for about 1 hour each time and use the heat generated by the machine to remove or reduce the humidity inside the machine.

6, to calmly deal with machine tool failure, not blindly deal with.

Inevitably, some failures occur in the use of the machine tool. At this time, the operator must calmly deal with it, and should not blindly deal with it, so as to avoid more serious consequences, it is necessary to pay attention to the site, wait until after the maintenance personnel to truthfully explain the situation before and after the fault, and Participate in joint analysis of issues and troubleshoot as soon as possible. If the fault is an operation reason, the operator must learn in a timely manner to avoid making the same mistake for the next time.

7. Formulate and strictly implement the rules and regulations for the management of CNC machine tools

In addition to the daily maintenance of CNC machine tools, it is also necessary to formulate and strictly implement the rules and regulations for the management of CNC machine tools. It mainly includes the “three-determined” system of deciding, setting posts, and determining responsibilities, regular inspection systems, and standardized handover systems. This is also the main content of CNC machine tool management, maintenance and maintenance.

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