Experts recommend the "Coal Production Technology and Equipment Policy"

At the symposium held by the Economic Operations Bureau of the National Development and Reform Commission, the China Coal Industry Association, and the Coal Research Institute, the senior experts in the coal industry proposed that the "Coal Production Technology and Equipment Policy" should be released.

Experts believe that the "coal production technology and equipment policy" (draft for review) of the coal production system (link) division covers the major areas and links of the coal production and production processes, the production technology and equipment in accordance with encouragement, promotion, Restrictions and prohibitions were made on the classification and the definition was clear and clear, highlighting the normative, guiding and binding nature of national policies.

This policy includes the technologies and equipment at all levels of China's coal production. The content of relevant policies focuses on the convergence with existing policies. The "coal production technology and equipment policy" (draft for approval) conforms to the reality of China's coal industry, and is well-targeted, adaptable, and operable, and has the conditions to be officially released and implemented.

Experts believe that the coal production technology and equipment policy is one of the core contents of the coal industry policy and technology policy. Its promulgation and implementation will have a major and far-reaching impact on transforming the development mode of the coal industry and promoting the optimization and upgrading of the structure.

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