Truck market sales peak Beijing dealers mass shipments

China Motors Daily reported on March 26 that March and April are the peak sales season for the truck market. What is the market status of peak truck sales this year? To understand the situation in the market, on March 12, the reporter visited the Jingliang Road truck market near the South Fifth Ring Road in Beijing. The hot market for truck dealerships is quite different from what happened when reporters visited the light truck market in January this year.

Fire explosion: The truck market heats up rapidly

Into the Beijing Nanjing Road car market, a striking red billboards into the eyes of reporters: JAC good luck Xin Beijing agent. There are twenty or thirty JAC light trucks parked under billboards. When you look closer, the seven or eight cars on the outermost side are ready for the customer to take away. Several sales clerk shuttled between these vehicles, some installed license plates and spoilers on the cab, some led customers to see the appearance of the vehicle, and others brushed new cars for delivery. .

“Every time this year, we are always busy and we have to buy cars to watch cars.” A sales clerk on the scene told reporters, “Now we can sell 17 cars a day.” Just said a few words. Someone called him: “Come on, there are customers waiting to pick up the car.” In the 40 minutes that the reporter interviewed in the Jianghuai Lucky Yun Xinyuan, there were 5 or 6 new cars sold out of the gate.

There is a constant stream of customers looking at cars and cars, and the market is booming. In order to meet the arrival of sales peaks, dealers are ready to provide sufficient supplies. JAC Haoyun Xin has several commodity stores in the Beijing area, and it is located on an empty field not far from the car dealership on Jingliang Road. The reporter saw a row of blue Jianghuai light trucks filled with parking lots, of which, more models are 2m containers and 4m container trucks, as well as some van and warehouse-type trucks.

In a large stock car, the reporter saw a row of uncommon JAC dump trucks. Sales staff told reporters that this dump truck is mainly used for short-distance earthmoving and does not belong to logistics vehicles. In the inventory of two or three hundred JAC light trucks, although the dump truck is not a kingpin product, it is also prepared to meet the needs of different users. Good source.

From JAC Fortune Xin, continue east along Jingliang Road and a truck dealership is located on both sides of the road. The reporter saw in front of a colorful flag-buying Foton Motor dealership store that the dealership had a promotional banner hanging out in a conspicuous position beside the road. The sales staff was introducing the product to the customer. The sales manager told reporters that now is the peak period of sales, vans are selling well, and various light trucks can sell about 10 vehicles a day.

Sales: no promotion measures still sell

When the reporter visited the market, he found that every time he went to a dealership, the salesman would say, "What vehicle do you want to see, what cars we have here?" The reporter casually said several models, salesmen can always quickly from the sample car It pointed out that the reporter wanted to see the car. It can be seen that in order to welcome the first sales peak of the Year of the Tiger, the dealers are fully prepared and the supply is sufficient.

A salesman from Jianghuai Haoyunxin told reporters: “A large parking lot next to us is our largest garage. We have prepared two or three hundred different kinds of light trucks for our customers. From the length of the container, we have 2 meters and 4 meters. The main types of rice containers are mainly from the model category, and the main types of the models are the slats, vans and vans.The new wholesale market for vegetables and fruits is not far from here, and many customers buy cars to transport vegetables. We have been selling cars here for many years. We have a good understanding of what kind of models our customers need and have already prepared vehicles that require a lot."

Beijing Changchun FAW Car Sales Co., Ltd. is located diagonally opposite Jianghuai Haoyunxin. The reporter saw that the dealership parked dozens of liberation trucks, including Aowei and Denway. Sales Manager Zhao Yawen said: “From March 1st to today, we have sold more than 70 vehicles. After the Spring Festival every year, a large number of customers come to purchase cars, and we have prepared in advance. What you are seeing here is only part of In the prototype, Grand Curry also has a lot of pre-holiday commodity trucks. In order to meet the diversified needs of customers, in addition to the main-selling trucks, we also reserve dump trucks that are less commonly purchased by customers. There are no dealers who are not stocked on both sides of Liang Road.”

At the Foton auto dealership, the reporter asked sales staff what promotions they launched. Sales staff said: "The market is so hot, manufacturers overtime and production are in short supply, there are no promotional activities are easy to sell. In May after entering the off-season, there may be some promotional activities, mainly to see what policy manufacturers."

Zhao Yawen, who sells FAW Jiefang Trucks, said: “At present, we have set the price of liberation trucks to the lowest level, maximize the benefits to users, and make profits very thin. The discounts are already included in the price of the car.”

Jianghuai Haoyunxin sales personnel told the reporter: “From the previous year’s market laws, the sales season of trucks has followed the Spring Festival. In May, this hot market will gradually decline. The situation in the second half of the year is not optimistic, except for October. Outside of this year's second sales peak, the kind of non-light season that last year was not easy to emerge."

The manager of Beijing Changchun FAW Automobile Sales Company agrees. The manager told reporters: "According to my ten years of experience in selling cars, there are several reasons why customers will focus on buying cars after the Spring Festival. A logistics company with sufficient capital will add vehicles at the beginning of the year; entering the spring construction site will have demand for vehicles; Foreign merchants doing business in Beijing have to buy cars for Beijing's convenience. After the needs of these customers are released in the first half of the year, they will not generally purchase cars in the second half of the year. Therefore, we must seize the current good time to sell as many cars as possible."

Applicable: Wholesale market light trucks are popular

In the interview, the reporter learned that the characteristics of the Beijing truck market are that there are many inter-provincial transport vehicles in the western and northern regions, and there is a greater demand for tractors and trucks suitable for road transport; in the east, there are more sand and gravel materials and dump trucks There is a greater demand; there is a large logistics distribution center in the south and there is a certain demand for vans.

During the visit, the reporter found that all along the Jingliang Road heading east, there are several logistics companies in the middle of the truck dealerships on both sides of the road. The Beijing Hanlong Freight Service Center, Shenlongfeng and other large logistics companies near Xinfadi also Nearby. In addition, the new wholesale market for vegetables and fruits also has a certain demand for freight trucks.

Beijing Changchun FAW Automobile Sales Company sales manager told reporters: "In the past few years, a logistics company settled here, the business is very prosperous, attracting the second, the third logistics company gathered here. At present, here has spontaneously formed a Beijing The largest logistics market in the South region. Therefore, highway logistics vehicles are more popular among users, and vehicles used for logistics, such as Liberation Aowei and Dawei, are selling well.”

Zhang, who has been working in logistics for many years, agrees. He told reporters that low- and medium-end light trucks with cargo lengths of 2 to 4 meters are relatively popular in Beijing's suburbs and counties. There are several reasons: First, heavy trucks are not allowed to enter the Beijing area, and customers in the logistics industry generally choose light trucks. Easy to enter the city. Second, the light truck body is relatively small, suitable for moving companies, distribution companies, building materials market users to wear the streets to deliver. Third, the self-employed who are engaged in distribution and transportation in the wholesale market of new-style vegetables, the cost of choosing a light truck to buy a car is relatively low, and the cost of recovery is faster.

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