Liberation gearbox heavy box assembly C line trial run

Recently, the heavy-duty gearbox assembly C line prepared by the Liberation Transmission Branch Company completed the pre-production preparation and entered the trial operation stage. On March 16, 2010, the 10TA and 12TA heavy-duty gearboxes were successfully installed on this internationally-standard assembly line. Since then, the assembly line has had various types and quantities of heavy-duty transmissions off the assembly line every day. After the line is put into operation, it will enable the transmission subsidiary to form an assembly production capacity of 80,000 heavy-duty transmissions per year, which will provide important support for the company to win a broader market space.

It is reported that the assembly line C of the test run state consists of the subassembly section, the assembly section, and the test section. It can complete the subassembly, assembly, and test tasks of the transmission components and parts. It is a more advanced transmission assembly in the domestic technology and equipment. The assembly line has obvious advantages in improving production efficiency, reducing labor intensity, and ensuring product quality. The first is to achieve automation of delivery. The 28 RGV trolleys running on the circular assembly line and the complete aerial transport facility shortened the production time to two minutes. The second is to achieve assembly automation. In the gluing process of the assembly assembly, an intelligent robot and a three-dimensional image recognition system are used to ensure the glue quality of the joint surface of the sub-tank; the Japanese fixed pneumatic wrench is used to ensure that the torque of the coupling bolt meets the assembly process requirements. At the same time, the assembly line C is equipped with the French ATEQ company's detector, which can complete the assembly's air tightness test at the assembly site to ensure that the assembly is leak-free.

9T160, 10TA and 12TA to be put into mass production are the heavy-duty transmission products with completely independent intellectual property rights launched by the Liberation Transmission Division in the past two years. They have the advantages of more optimized design, more convenient operation, smoother transmission, and lower noise. Its technology is at an advanced level in the country and fully meets the development needs of the heavy truck market. The commissioning of assembly line C will certainly fully release the production capacity of heavy-duty transmission products, and help more dealers and operators to realize their entrepreneurial dreams.

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