Cooper Tire "Made in China" Implements European and American Standards

“Cooper tires will begin to implement the most demanding European and American standards in the production field.” On November 11, Cao Kechang, vice president of Cooper Tires Rubber Co., Ltd., said in an exclusive interview that environmental standards are now increasing. The European Union officially launched noise certification in the tire market in October 2009. Since January 2010, it has required the mandatory use of environmentally-friendly oils in the production of environmentally-friendly tires in order to replace the previous oils that cause carcinogenic substances. Cao Kechang admits that Cooper tires also use environmentally-friendly oil in China, partly because of cost-sharing considerations, but they do not “compare” with product standards.

In early 2010, Cooper will introduce new products that are currently being introduced in the U.S. market. The feature is that the rolling resistance is lower compared to the existing products. With the use of new materials, the service life of tires can be extended by 5%.

Cooper tire products are mainly for the replacement tire market. They formally entered China in April 2006 and established the Asia Pacific Technology Center in Shanghai in May 2008 to conduct product research and development for users in the Asia Pacific region, especially in China.

It is reported that in the first three quarters of this year, Cooper Tire's sales in China increased by more than 40%.

"Tire consumption requires long-term cultivation." Cao Kechang explained that, in general, owners will pay attention to the quality of tires after they have changed two tires. In China, because most drivers of commercial vehicles are their own bosses, they are sensitive to the quality and service life of the tires. In general, a fetus will be replaced in 4-10 months. The owner of the car does not care about the car's maintenance, not to mention the tires.

Cao Kechang expects that the importance of tyres for passenger tire owners will improve in two to three years. Since 2012, European and American markets will have stricter standards for tires, such as the inspection of wetland tires, reduction of rolling resistance and carbon dioxide emissions.

In the future, tire manufacturers will become more and more stressed. It is reported that currently there are nearly 300 tire production companies in China, and some enterprises that do not meet the emission standards will be eliminated by the market.

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