Gambler is more than guts jumped to the Yellow River by the casino owners broke into the bottom of the death

Gambler is a bolder than the guts jumped the Yellow River by the casino owner broke into the bottom dead diesel generator | diesel generator price / 2010-08-28

Zheng Shuang (a pseudonym) opened the casino, Zhao Kai (a pseudonym) is a good gambling. On the night of June 29th, the two drunkards argued over the issue of borrowing money, meeting similarly to the higher side of the Yellow River - to see who dared to jump into the river.
So, Zhao Kai and his girlfriend Su Mou went to the east side of the Yellow River Bridge with Zheng Shuang and they jumped down the river first. After that, the two wanted to come ashore. Zheng Shuang picked up a stone and mammoth grabbed Zhao Kai and Su Mou of the boat, causing them to finally sink.
Yesterday, Zheng Shuang was arrested by the High-tech District Procuratorate for suspected murder. Evening Chief Reporter Xu Fuying
In his casino, he came in
34-year-old Zheng Shuang opened an underground casino in a hotel in the downtown area. When a gambler loses money, he usually seeks him out.
The 30-year-old Zhao Kai is a small contract foreman who usually pulls up earth at Zheng Dongxin's construction site and often goes to Zheng Shuang's casino to “put in the red” (loan-loan).
"He is a local, he is very angry and he is always paralyzed. He sometimes directly participates in gambling and sometimes he rushes. Sometimes he does not catch up with debts. He uses Lao Zheng's money." Yesterday morning, in the High-tech District Procuratorate, Zhao Kay's friend introduced it.
Zheng and Zhao met for 3 years and Zhao Kai often brought his girlfriend to play in the casino.
Drink two drinks a day and use debt to drink
On the morning of June 29 this year, Zheng Shuang and his friend drove to Nanyang and set up an account with his second son. He had a drink with friends of his hometown at noon. He was drunk.
After Zheng’s return in the afternoon, Zheng Shuang slept in a bathing center until around 9:00 in the evening. The gambler Chen called and asked him to borrow money. The two met in a nearby restaurant. He drank a lot of beer.
At 22 o'clock, Zheng Shuang's cell phone rang. It was Zhao Kai's call.
Zheng Shuang later recalled the passing of the time and said: “I used to see Xiao Zhao and his girlfriend, Xiao Su, and he was in a dispute with another gambling friend Xiao Jun. Xiao Zhao was drunk at that time and I heard him push the account to the small army. , but the small army has said no money."
When Zheng Shuang sees this, he goes forward to persuade Zhao Kai: “If you stop for a few days, will it be OK? Let the small army go.”
When the voice did not fall, Zhao Kai became anxious: “Then you will give me 150,000 more today. Let me go to you and let go. I have no money now.”
"I gave you 150,000 yuan. You haven't paid back the 80,000 you owed me." Zheng Shuang was annoyed.
"You die, I die with you."
In the dispute, Zhao Kai gave Zheng Shuang a slap. Afterwards, Zheng Shuang proposed to the Yellow River to a higher level - to see who would dare to jump and die first.
So, Zheng Shuang drove Zhao Kai's car and let Zhao and his girlfriend sit in the back row to the embankment near the Second Yellow River Bridge.
Zhao Kai went down along the dam and jumped directly to the Yellow River.
"At that time, the water was in a hurry, but I thought Xiao Zhao would definitely come back, so he picked up the stones and picked them up." According to Zheng Shuang, an iron-breaking boat was parked on the shore. He was standing on the bow with stones. Zhao Kai beached.
One minute later, Zhao Kai actually swam to the boat but was exhausted.
Sumou's girlfriend also jumped out of the river and yelled before the water: "You are going to die. I die with you."
Sumou jumped tight and pulled Zhao Kai, the two struggling to seize the ship's iron chain.
"I went on my knees and Xiao Zhao's hand was released."
At this point, Zheng Shuang, standing on the boat, grabbed the guardrail in one hand and took a stone in one hand and slid toward Zhao Kai's forehead.
After Zhao Kai’s head was bloodied, Zheng Shuang disembarked again and picked up the second stone and a thick wire.
"Brother, let us spare, we go to Sanmenxia, ​​not back to Zhengzhou." Sumou kept asking for mercy, Zhao Kai also began to call for help. However, Zheng Shuang was already killed.
"My right hand used thick wire to bow to Xiao Zhao's head, but he still showed his head. Then I took hold of the guardrail with my hand and splayed his body and dipped his head directly on his feet. I kicked down and Xiao Zhao's The hand was released and drifted away. When I drifted away, I saw his face still upturned.” Zheng Shuang said, and then he took a stone and slid it towards Sumou until it sank into the water. .
Younger brother at the airport
Crying and persuading him to surrender
Afterwards, Zheng Shuang drove back along the original road. At two in the morning on June 30th, he also asked about 3 people to drink, including one of his younger brother Zheng Qi (a pseudonym).
Zheng Xie said to Zheng Qi by means of wine, "Tonight, I killed Xiao Zhao and his girlfriend in the Yellow River." After the sobering, the two brothers fell into fear. Zheng Shuang asked Zheng Qi to go straight to the airport for 10,000 yuan and was ready to flee to Beijing.
At 7:00 a.m. the same day, Zheng Qi cried at the check-in counter to urge Zheng Shuang. At 7:50, Zheng Shuang surrenders himself.
“It’s all about gambling. I opened a casino, and I could have earned 300,000 to 400,000 a year. But after the end of the year, I basically didn’t make any money. The money I earned had already been used up by the gamblers. Some afterwards.” I couldn’t get in touch, and some of them lost their talents and I wouldn’t come back. Xiao Zhao sank my money three times and reported it to the police. In December last year, he asked me for money. I got 80,000 yuan for him. 30,000 is my own, and another 50,000 are loan sharks. He has been harassing the casino all day long. Isn't this a bully?” Zheng Shuang said, the casino brought him only remorse.
At present, Zheng Shuang has been arrested on suspicion of intentional homicide. According to the police, the two bodies recovered from the Yellow River are undergoing DNA identification.
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