Analysis of Valve Industry's Technological Innovation and Development

Analysis of Valve Industry's Technological Innovation and Development With the rapid development of China's economy, the valve industry, as a national industry, has experienced rapid development for several years and has been rapidly developed throughout the country. It has become one of the fastest growing major industries in the domestic machinery industry. Although China's valve industry has developed rapidly, There are also many problems, low level of development of the industry, low technical content of products, many products are still low-grade; due to the late start of the domestic valve industry, is still in the development stage, valve design, manufacturing, production and testing capabilities are lower than foreign advanced At the same level, many key valves still rely on imports. Many valves do not have core technology. With the level of automation control, there is a certain gap between high-end valve technology and developed countries and foreign countries. What are the reasons for such problems? The following analysis and views, only personal views and ideas, can not help but be correct, for reference only!

Obvious gap in valve industry innovation and improvement

At present, the gap between China's valve industry and foreign valve industry is relatively obvious, let us see their own deficiencies, in order to find the gap and the essence of the problem, so as to improve and improve. There are four major comprehensive gaps that the author has learned from the field in the industry and summarized in the analysis. The first is the gap in technological innovation capability; the second is the gap in processing technology; the third is quality management and equipment. The gap is the gap in process management; it can be analyzed from the following aspects.

Gaps in technological innovation capabilities

The lack of technological innovation is a stumbling block to the development of our valve industry. At present, the design level of China's valve industry is not high. Although domestic backbone enterprises have certain research and development conditions, the majority of valve companies' R&D centers are limited by personnel and facilities, lack sufficient investment in capital, and have relatively closed research and development and technical service capabilities. According to the company's needs and only for corporate services, according to sales orders for the design, process preparation, the function is also relatively simple; such as the valve production process of on-site technical processing, or engaged in a small amount of new product development. Compared with developed countries, there is a big gap between domestic valve design standards.

At present, many domestic valve companies have rarely made innovations after introducing advanced technologies. When overseas customers visited China's heavy industry projects, such as papermaking, petrochemicals, etc., it was found that the valve products of many projects only changed on the basis of Western design prototypes. The processing technology is also relatively backward, although some domestic valve manufacturers have modern equipment that can achieve automatic operation, and even make some Western companies dwarf. However, most companies are outdated equipment and working environment. At present, China's valve companies can cast valve products such as steel, iron, aluminum, copper, and composite materials. However, due to backward casting methods, raw materials such as cast steel and cast iron are wasted in the production process, and environmental protection is also poor.

For example, most manufacturers in China cannot independently perform effective seismic analysis of valves. These manufacturers must entrust design institutes to carry out seismic analysis. Only some manufacturers have mastered the valve stress calculation and seismic analysis, and fatigue analysis of valves. As well as impact analysis, this has, to some extent, constrained the increase in the level of research and development capabilities of domestic manufacturers. Domestic cooperation in production, education, and research is also relatively low, and the technical content of self-developed products is also relatively low, while some institutions of higher learning and research and design institutes have professional, departmental, and chamber-based research on valve technology, but only the valves in the entire device. The role and required characteristics of the proposed technical requirements, and does not start the development of valve product design and manufacturing technology, even if there are design drawings, often lack of technology, and practical operation does not meet, and some of the key due to the lack of practical verification tools, This is the main reason leading to the low overall technical level of domestic valve products.

Valve companies with higher technological standards in foreign countries usually have special R&D centers. In contrast, they have strong funds, various related research institutions, and professional and technical engineering personnel to support them. These R&D centers are often equipped as needed. There are specialized laboratories and testing organizations, and computer application software for valve products is quite complete: theoretical analysis and prediction of advanced performance of new products and new technologies can be performed through analytical means, and experimental methods can be used to predict results. The verification is performed, and the correctness of the analysis method is verified based on the statistical data, and a series of effective valve performance and technical characteristics analysis methods are obtained. Such methods are applied to the development of follow-up valve technology and even lower the research and development costs. Its research results are more effective.

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