Floor heating system must be crossed to what "squeak"?

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"If the emergence of chemical pipes makes the rapid promotion and large-scale application of ground radiant heating ("floor heating") systems possible, then the emergence of automatic control systems for floor heating will enable the upgrade of floor heating systems from simple to intelligent." In recent years, people’s awareness of energy conservation and the improvement of high-quality living requirements have made the automatic control systems that contribute to a more energy-efficient, comfortable, and controllable floor heating system play an important role in the floor heating system and are gradually becoming the consensus of the industry.

This position of the floor heating system in the floor heating industry has made it a sought-after destination for many businesses. Various businesses have scrambled to participate in the production and sales teams of the floor heating automation system in various forms. However, due to the lack of a specific production and application standard for the system in the floor heating industry, coupled with the lack of effective supervision, the quality of floor heating products on the floor heating market is uneven, and there are many safety and quality risks. In order to facilitate the objective evaluation and judgment of consumers, developers, and construction companies on the floor heating automatic control system and its manufacturers, this reporter’s related topic was one of the top ten figures of the Chinese floor heating industry in 2008 and the floor heating temperature control system 2008 Chen Linan, general manager of the leading brand enterprise Manruide Automation System (Yueqing) Co., Ltd. conducted a special interview.

What is a floor heating control system?

Chen Linan: As the name implies, the floor heating automatic control system is an automatic control system for the floor heating system, and is an automatic control system that ensures the comfort, energy saving, health, and safety of the floor radiant heating system. There are two main types of floor heating automatic control systems currently used in the floor heating market: the water floor heating automatic control system and the electric floor heating automatic control system. Among them, the water-heating automatic control system consists of a room thermostat, a water mixing center, a driving electric actuator, a water collector, a water temperature sensor, and a central controller (heat source, water pump linkage device); the structure of the electric floor heating automatic control system is compared. Simple, mainly by the room temperature controller, the ground temperature sensor composition.

Many people equate the thermostat with a floor heating automatic control system. It can be seen that the role of the thermostat in the floor heating automatic control system is very important. So, what is the basic technical condition for a thermostat to enter the market?

Chen Linan: Whether it is the electric floor heating automatic control system or the water floor heating automatic control system, its role is to ensure the comfort and energy saving of the floor heating system. This feature of the floor heating automation system determines the core component of the system - the thermostat must have some special properties. In China, the temperature controller's operating voltage should be 176 volts to 264 volts, the temperature control range is 5 degrees Celsius to 35 degrees Celsius, the temperature measurement range is minus 10 degrees Celsius to 45 degrees Celsius, and the temperature control switch deviation is 1 Kelvin. The control output current of the water floor heating thermostat is usually 3 amps, and the control output current of the electric floor heating thermostat should not be less than 16 amps.

For the electric floor heating controller, in addition to ensuring the comfort and energy-saving of the electric floor heating system, it must also ensure the safety of the electric floor heating system because the temperature controller has a direct connection with the owner's life safety and property safety. In theory, an electric heating temperature controller with an output current of 16 amps can control a 3520 watt heating cable or electric heating film. However, in the installation practice, the control power of the electric floor heating controller is not suitable for full-load output. 20% safety margin. Among the various components of the floor heating thermostat, the relay (the electronic component that is powered on and off) is the core component, and the terminals connected to it must be able to withstand more than 16 amps of current, otherwise the relay may be burned. In Japan and the United States, where electric floor heating systems have a long history of application, owners have high requirements for electric floor heating thermostats. Among them, Japanese owners will require that electric floor heating controllers must have “two or more points of temperature limit and zero fire line at the same time. Off, overtime forced power off, its own over-temperature alarm "and other functions; the United States owners will require the thermostat must have a leakage protection function, when the electric heating body leakage, the thermostat can directly cut off the power. In China, the safety issue of electric floor heating thermostats has not attracted the attention of businessmen and consumers, and the quality of the floor heating controllers in the floor heating market has also been uneven and there are many hidden safety problems.

The above basic technical conditions, there are currently available standards? What standard does your company's floor heating automation system refer to?

Chen Linan: China, Japan, South Korea, and some countries in Europe and the United States have not yet issued standards for floor heating products. In China, the electric floor heating thermostat has not been listed in the CCC compulsory certification by the China Electrical Product Safety Certification Committee. The thermostats of Manruide Automation Systems (Yueqing) Co., Ltd. (referred to as “Manruide”) implement the Q/MRD1232005 corporate standard, which has been filed with the Zhejiang Yueqing Quality and Technology Supervision Bureau. The corporate standard refers to GB14536.12008 "General requirements for automatic controllers for household and similar applications Part 1" and GB14536.102008 "Special requirements for temperature-sensitive controllers for household and similar automatic controllers."

How to identify the quality of floor heating system? Before the country has introduced product standards, how should thermostat manufacturers ensure product quality?

Chen Linan: The floor heating automatic control system involves electronic products, plumbing valves and pipe fittings. It is a comprehensive mechatronic system. Therefore, in order to ensure the product quality of the floor heating automatic control system, in addition to having to be proficient in electrical automation knowledge and HVAC knowledge, it is also necessary to be proficient in fluids, communications, electronic software, and mechanical processing technologies. At present, the country has not yet officially issued a product standard specifically for floor heating thermostats.

Manruide's floor heating controller not only refers to the production standards of related products, but also refers to the test standards of related products, such as GB/T17626.2 "electromagnetic compatibility test and measurement technology electrostatic discharge immunity test", GB/ T17626.3 "Electromagnetic Compatibility Test and Measurement Technology Radio Frequency Electromagnetic Field Radiated Immunity Test", GB/T17626.4 "Electromagnetic Compatibility Test and Measurement Technology Electrical Fast Transient Pulse Immunity Test" and GB/T17626.5 "Electromagnetic Compatible with Test and Measurement Technology Surge (Shock) Immunity Test etc. Manruide strictly controls the quality of each product based on these product testing standards.

Combined with your company's floor heating automation system, what process does the new product normally require from establishment to market introduction?

Chen Linan: Before Manruide develops new products for automatic control systems, it usually undergoes many expert review and technical demonstrations. On this basis, it gradually forms product standards and goes to the local Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision for the record. Manruide's new product development and testing of new product reliability will be strictly in accordance with corporate standards. Before Manruide's automatic control system is put on the market, it must send China National Measurement Testing Center, National Building Materials Industry Building Hardware Plumbing Product Quality Supervision, Inspection and Testing Center and other national authoritative testing agencies to do type tests. Type test is a full-featured comprehensive test process. The relevant test organization will issue a test report based on the test results. Each of Manruide's products is accompanied by a certificate of conformity, and the company's standard number “Q/MRD1232005” will be indicated above. Based on a large amount of practical experience, we have found that the quality of products is not ensured by the final test, but is ensured by product design and product standards. For example, a small thermostat, which consists of more than 100 parts or components, the quality of the control must start with the purchase of raw materials, followed by material inspection, production process inspection, product sampling (performance testing, functional testing, aging testing ), pre-warehouse inspection, etc. In this process, the detection of more than 20 links is indispensable.

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