Woodworking machine CNC forward

Woodworking machine tools are one of the eight subcategories of the machine tool industry. The rest of metal cutting machine tools, foundry machinery, metal forming machine tools, abrasive grinding tools, measuring tools, machine tool appliances (including CNC systems), machine tool accessories (including rolling features) are often Deeply concerned. With the fiery furniture market, woodworking machine tools are booming, especially CNC, high-efficiency, high-precision, environmentally-friendly woodworking machine tools are even more popular.

CNC woodworking machine in the rise

The machine tool industry is a basic equipment industry that provides working machines for all areas of the national economy. It is a strategic industry that is urgently needed for the modernization of the defense industry and is an important symbol of the country’s comprehensive competitiveness. CNC machine tools belong to high-end manufacturing equipment and are an important field for the country to cultivate and develop strategic emerging industries.

At present, domestic woodworking machinery is concentrated in Shandong Qingdao and Guangdong Lunjiao. Since the reform and opening up, former old state-owned enterprises have reformed their systems and changed their business concepts, such as Harbin Woodworking Machinery, Suzhou Foma Group, Shanxi Yuci Hot Press Factory, Shandong Weihai Woodworking Machinery Factory, and Qingdao Woodworking Machinery Corporation. Turn into a market operation system.

The export of woodworking machine tools in China is very fierce. The main markets are dominated by third-world countries, mainly in Southeast Asia and South Asia. Some of them are of better quality and even exported to the Americas and European markets. In short, the development of woodworking machinery in China has been greatly improved, but the quality still needs to be improved in order to have a place in the world of wood machine wood.

CNC machine tools represent the requirements, steps and dimensions of parts processing with coded numbers. They are input into special electronic computers through information carriers (such as perforated paper tapes), processed and calculated, and sent out various control signals to control the movement of machine tools. Drawings require that parts be machined automatically. It can not only control the process control and auxiliary functions, but also coordinate control. It is a new type of machine tool developed by advanced technologies such as integrated application calculation technology, automatic control technology, precision measurement and machine tool design in the 1930s.

With the increasingly fierce competition in the market, more and more efficient, high-precision requirements are also increasing. The numerical control of woodworking machine tools has become an inevitable market orientation and trend.

The furniture industry needs CNC woodworking machine help

With the increasing popularity and advantages of numerical control, woodworking machine tools are increasingly favoring the selection of numerical control models because it is not only highly efficient but also improves product quality and accuracy. "CNC woodworking machine tool" is a machine tool that controls machining through numerical control programs. According to the woodworking industry requirements, the characteristics of the wood processing industry, combined with the woodwork industry employees operating habits, independent research and development of the design of the patented product. Through CNC control of mechanical movements, companies can process cylindrical, conical, curved, spherical and other complex shapes of rotating wood products or semi-finished wood products. It is especially suitable for mass production of small and medium-sized wood companies. It can flexibly set the shape at any time and quickly change the processing style. The most famous company in the production of CNC woodworking machine tools is Shandong Hengwei CNC Machinery Co., Ltd.

Take the furniture industry, the use of numerical control woodworking machine tool can reduce the number of auxiliary molds and fixtures in the furniture production process, can achieve the automation of the production line, the labor of the workers becomes simple and complex, greatly reduces the labor cost, so the application of digital control technology can be For furniture production companies to obtain excess profits.

The numerical control of woodworking machine tools is also a hope for the upgrading of the furniture industry. With the decrease in the cost of domestic numerical control equipment, the numerical control of woodworking machinery has become the premise of popularization. At present, the woodworking machine tool industry in China starts with the popularization of numerical control technology and gradually develops into a complete set, intelligent and large-scale direction.

In order to continue to maintain stable growth, our furniture industry needs to popularize domestic CNC furniture production lines in order to achieve low-cost mass production, improve product quality and labor productivity, and enhance competitiveness. For example, in a single installation of a machine, the machining of multiple workpieces such as turning, milling, engraving, drilling, sawing, edge-sealing, sanding, painting, or veneering is completed in a single installation, resulting in full automation of furniture production. . We must devote ourselves to the development of CNC processing production lines for the production of solid wood furniture, such as the CNC processing production lines for chairs, wooden doors and other products. The era of numerically-controlled woodworking machinery represented by general-purpose CNC routers and routers has become a thing of the past. The era of mass production of furniture numerical control complete sets of equipment has arrived.

CNC woodworking machine to be internationalized

The development of numerical control woodworking machine tools must be in line with international standards in order to achieve the generalization of domestic and foreign numerical control software, and the standardization of CNC equipment, connection and automation of supporting technologies must be standardized in order to achieve interchangeability. Such as the number of knives in the magazine, tool change speed, automatic grinding system, the degree of openness of the software, and the friendliness of the interface should be standardized. In the numerical control system equipped with programming expert system, fault diagnosis system, automatic parameter setting and automatic tool management system, predictive computing functions, adaptive fuzzy control functions, so that CNC woodworking machine tools are more intelligent. The application of multimedia technology enables the control system to have the ability to comprehensively process sound, text, images and video information, enabling it to realize real-time monitoring of the system, appraisal of the applauding of the production field equipment and monitoring of production process parameters.

In Europe, the research of numerically controlled woodworking machine tools has gone from a single machine to a numerically controlled processing line. Numerical control technology has penetrated into the various processing steps of furniture and other products. How to integrate and form the scale of the production line is another new exploration of the woodworking machine tool industry in the future.

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