China's auto parts development will go from here in 2012

If 2011 is the opening year for the development of China's spare parts industry, then in 2012, China's spare parts industry will enter a period of rapid development! The development of parts and components industry is now through the development of 2011, China has become a big country in engineering machinery. Following the policy support of China's parts and components industry, in 2011, investment in the parts and components industry started an upsurge, and many small and medium-sized enterprises were not to be outdone. However, most of the products were hard to be favored by large-scale mainframe plants, causing a low level of homogeneity and confusion. Competition has laid a large amount of human and financial resources. At one time, the industry also called for strengthening policy planning and guidance. With the acquisition of Putzmeister by Sany Heavy Industry, China’s construction machinery industry has become more and more important in the global discourse, but core parts and components still rely on the entrance, giving rise to the embarrassing situation constrained by people! Our parts and components have always faced autonomy. The lack of research and development capabilities and the low market share of these issues have severely plagued the healthy development of China's construction machinery industry. In 2012, if China's construction machinery wants to achieve greater results, it must strive to make efforts in parts and components! Good development of parts and components industry The World Factory Network Information Channel shows that on May 12, 2009, the State Council promulgated the “Adjustment and Revitalization Plan for the Equipment Manufacturing Industry”. On October 11, 2010, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the “Machinery Basic Parts and Components”. The Implementation Plan for Industrial Revitalization, the Newly Promulgated Guidance Catalogue for Industrial Structure Adjustment (2011 Edition) in 2011, and the Twelfth Five-Year Plan for Development of the China Construction Machinery Industry on July 31, 2011 clearly point out the development of spare parts. Importance, and the introduction of a variety of policy support, creating a good environment for the development of the parts industry!

E-commerce guarantees that the spare parts market is affected by the development of parts and components in China. The local market for parts and components has a low rate, and it is often monopolized by foreign companies. Following the constant optimization and development of the parts industry in China, the quality of parts and components is also high. Continuous progress, but the traditional sales channels can hardly break the deadlock in the foreign capital-only market, thus limiting the development of China's parts and components! In 2012, the development of China's e-commerce is in a period of rapid development! The development of e-commerce, but also to China's mechanical parts The development brought about by the wish, most of the mechanical parts and components companies join the free B2B platform world factory network, carry out e-commerce, market defense campaigns, protect the company's market is not chaotic!

2012 is the second year of the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan”. Under the guidance of the Twelfth Five-Year Plan, China’s economy will be in a period of rapid development! The parts and components industry is also such that the succession of spare parts cannot be a bottleneck for the development of China’s construction machinery! In 2012, China's spare parts industry will surely rise!

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