Taiwan LED faces five major patent challenges

LED screen network reported that in Europe and the United States, sitting on the LED patent, and the strong price competition of the Chinese mainland LED factory, Taiwan's LED industry is facing the enemy, facing enormous challenges. Experts pointed out that Taiwan is currently hitting the wall in the global LED industry. The reason is that the five major patent obstacles dragged the pace of Taiwan and made Taiwan hard to reach.

Experts in the LED industry pointed out that the five major patent barriers currently faced by Taiwan include: patent encirclement of European and American companies, technological development thinking lacking patent layout, long-term integration difficulties in the industrial chain, and lack of in-depth understanding of the industry in the domestic patent system. And the intrusion of patents and other issues.

Experts believe that the LED industry has been developing for a long time, and many patents have been in the hands of European and American companies. Therefore, it is easy for Taiwanese manufacturers to step on foreign patent mines in technology development. In particular, the number of patent applications in the world is growing by about 2,000 each year, especially in the Asia-Pacific region. The number of patent applications is large, and of course the infringement will increase. Faced with such a large number of patents, Taiwanese manufacturers are of course very vulnerable to infringement.

Experts said that in the face of these five major challenges, if Taiwan wants to break through, it must strengthen its technical energy. This can be achieved through technical cooperation between industry, government and research. In addition, according to the application product market to lay out patents, and even take the lead in establishing industry standards for new technologies to lead the world, etc., all can break through the patent dilemma.

Looking back over the past two years, more than 20 LED patent litigations in the world are mostly upstream epitaxial, grain and white light materials. This represents a huge potential business opportunity for LEDs. Therefore, patent owners want to prevent the growth of their opponents through litigation.

Experts believe that patents must focus more on quality, especially the writing of content is very important, and may become an important document in the litigation process in the future.

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