Changzhou step flash dryer and vacuum freeze dryer successfully passed CE certification

The flash dryers and vacuum freeze dryers produced by Changzhou One-step Drying Equipment Co., Ltd. have successfully passed the CE certification recently and have obtained the permit for export to EU countries.
Changzhou adheres to independent innovation and technological innovation in one step. After 18 years of development, it has accumulated rich practical experience in the dry field. It uses advanced professional technologies and management systems to strictly implement ISO9000 quality management system standards in the production process. Large inspections, strengthening process control, ensuring that qualified products leave the factory, and increasing the market share of products.

Metal Slitting Machine Production Plant

Jingye precision mechanical slitting machine is specially used for slitting various thin strips, such as copper,
 Aluminum, iron, stainless steel, up to + -0.002mm 

(1). Raw material specifications 1. Material: metal strips such as copper and stainless steel strips. 2. Material width: within 420mm. 3. Material thickness: copper strip 0.05mm∽1.5mm, stainless steel 0.05mm∽1.0mm. 4. The inner diameter of the raw material roll: ¢300mm. 5. Outer diameter of raw material roll:≦¢1500mm.

6. Weight of raw material roll: ≤3000kg.

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