China's entry into the bearing manufacturing world is the key to environmental protection

China's bearing industry has developed to the present, has a considerable production scale and a higher level of technology and quality. It is also worth noting that the bearing industry has an important guiding role for engineers to develop new designs.

While China is entering the ranks of the world's leading manufacturers of bearing production, we must also see the issue of low, loose and poor bearing industries. Ordinary miniature, small and medium-sized Deep Groove Ball Bearings are still undergoing heavy production at low levels, leading to serious oversupply. Due to fierce market competition, price wars have intensified. If this situation continues for a long time, it will inevitably affect the technical transformation and technological progress of the entire bearing industry, affect the reputation of our country's bearing products in the world, and seriously restrict the healthy development of China's bearing industry.

In this revolution, bearing manufacturers also shoulder heavy responsibilities. The teaching materials provided by them ensure the correct and efficient use of equipment by end-users, and help users and engineers understand bearing characteristics so as to achieve optimal mechanical performance. This is the ultimate interpretation of green environmental protection: Minimize human impact on the environment and achieve sustainable development.

China's bearing manufacturing companies also face fierce competition and challenges from well-known foreign bearing companies. The results will inevitably accelerate the adjustment of the industrial structure and product structure of the bearing industry in China. It can be said that opportunities and challenges coexist, and production and development are coexisting. How to seize the opportunity to improve the viability of enterprises, and how to achieve sustainable and rapid development while surviving is an unavoidable and unavoidable issue facing the bearing industry in China.

In recent years, all walks of life have become increasingly concerned about the issue of environmental protection, and the bearing industry is no exception. Taking the green environmental protection road also includes ensuring that machinery and equipment can operate as efficiently as possible. With this goal, the bearing industry is sparking a green revolution.

(1) Higher operating speeds produce less friction, thereby lowering operating temperatures and reducing energy losses;

(2) withstand heavier loads; use environmentally friendly lubricants;

(3) Longer life; less cost during use.

Considering that many everyday applications require bearings, extending bearing life and improving bearing performance to reduce run-time waste generation, reducing energy consumption is a general trend. In other words, making full use of existing machinery and reducing its impact on the environment is precisely the definition of green environmental protection.

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