Jiangyan Wind Power Co., Ltd. enters mass production

A few days ago, China Weapons Industry Group Co., Ltd. and Jiangdian Wind Power Co., Ltd. formally signed a batch trial contract. Jiangye Wind Energy will provide a batch of 2 MW XE93 pitch reducer and yaw drive for Xiangdian Wind Energy. This indicates that Jiangyin wind power products have entered the mass production stage, and its wind power industry chain construction has taken a crucial step.

In 2007, Jiangyan Mechanical and Electrical Technology Co., Ltd. seized the opportunity of the country to vigorously develop strategic emerging industries, and entered the new energy industry with the R&D advantages of the company's national enterprise technology center. As a Chinese weapon transmission center, Jiangye Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd. relies on strong R&D strength, equipment processing capacity and decades of experience in producing military transmissions, and mainly researches and develops MW-class wind turbine pitch, yaw drives and main gearboxes. After trials and trials, Jiang Yu Mechanical & Electrical Technology Co., Ltd. established a wind energy company and officially entered the core components of the wind power industry.

In the short span of six months, Jiangyan Wind Energy quickly completed the research and development of the 2 megawatt XlE82 and XE93 wind turbine pitch and hemispherical drive and encapsulation, and applied for two national patents, among them, XE72 wind power pitch and yaw. The reducer was awarded the third prize of 2009 China Scientific Development Group for scientific and technological development. In August 2010, Jiangyin Wind Power Co., Ltd. successfully developed 3 different models of 2 MW wind power variable pitch and yaw speed reducer projects through major special assessments. The project was listed in the national key product program and major scientific and technological projects in Hunan Province; 10 At the beginning of the month, XE93 wind power pitch and yaw speed reducer prototypes were verified by the factory's appraisal tests. The performance indicators met the design requirements, passed the factory identification, and achieved R&D of the year, trial production of the year, and contract production in the year.

Jiang Yu from Wind Energy will use the high-strength, small-volume design concept of military planetary transmissions to design yaw and pitch drive devices, and use high-precision military production equipment and the most advanced test bench in the country to produce It replaces imported high-level megawatt wind turbine yaw and pitch drive devices to realize the serialization and industrialization of wind power transmission components, becoming a professional manufacturer of wind power core components R&D and manufacturing, and occupies a place in the domestic wind power industry chain. It eventually became a well-known transmission center in China.

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