China's textile machinery manufacturing township machinery output value of nearly 6 billion

The New Products, New Technologies, and New Technology Briefings for Textile Machinery Industry jointly organized by China Textile Machinery and Equipment Industry Association and Shaoxing Economic and Trade Bureau were held at the county administrative center. Vice Governor Cai Yuge attended the meeting.

At the meeting, Yang Shibin, chairman of the China Knitting Industry Association, focused on the development direction of the textile machinery industry in the context of energy conservation and emission reduction as a consumption pattern. Gao Xiaochao, secretary-general of China Textile Machinery and Equipment Industry Association, explained the demand for efficient, high-quality and energy-saving equipment in the textile machinery market today. Li Dake, secretary-general of the Provincial Federation of Machinery Industry, focused on the future development trend of textile machinery and the train of thought for transformation and upgrading.

Experts pointed out that the textile industry, energy-saving emission reduction, eliminating backward production capacity, encourage innovation and the application of new technologies, is in line with the development strategy of textile machinery energy conservation and environmental protection, which is the development direction of new products, new technologies and new technologies of textile machinery enterprises.

Relying on the strong cluster advantages of the textile industry, in recent years, the textile machinery manufacturing industry in Shaoxing, especially Qixian Town, has developed rapidly. In 2009, Qixian Town was named “China Textile Machinery Manufacturing Town” and currently owns nearly 400 textile machinery manufacturing and supporting enterprises. The output value of textile machinery is nearly 6 billion yuan.

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