On the Development Status of Canadian Plastic Packaging Machinery

The competition in the field of packaging machinery is global, but Canada's packaging machinery manufacturing industry is renowned internationally for its flexible production methods and reliable quality.

Canada’s rich natural resources are a source of its strong packaging machinery industry. Wood, minerals, oil and gas are used as raw materials for the production of paper packaging, metal packaging, plastic packaging and glass packaging. Canadian manufacturers can produce packaging equipment for all of these materials. Canadian companies are good at manufacturing equipment for a large number of different line speeds, and they are good at designing very flexible equipment for a wide range of products.

As a leader in packaging innovation, Langen Packaging Machinery is committed to continuously satisfying customers' needs. The company's carton forming and box packaging machinery enjoys a good reputation in the industry. Recently, Langen Packaging Machinery introduced a bag packaging machine, which not only has high production efficiency, but also has a variety of functions. It can form sealed food bags on flat roller lines, and packages popcorn, spaghetti, soup and rice catering. Solid foods.

In the field of plastic machinery, the Canadian plastics machinery industry has considerable experience in serving the special needs of local markets in different parts of the world. Canadian exporters have established market advantages in tailor-made plastic equipment, providing customers with flexible, innovative, custom-made solutions. Canadian manufacturers have a wide range of capabilities including injection molding machines, blow molding machines, thermoforming machine auxiliary equipment and extrusion equipment.

Corma is the most innovative design manufacturer in the field of plastic equipment, specializing in the production of plastic threaded tubes and other pipe equipment. Corma's star model for tube production is a masterpiece of continuous innovation. The moulds produced by this mould have extremely high strength and significantly improve the impact resistance.

Mould-tekIndusrries is a well-known manufacturer of Concord equipment in Ontario. Recently, the company has developed a complete set of recycling systems to help a large plastics processing company solve the waste disposal problem.

Macro Engineering Technologies, Inc. of Mississauga, Ontario, is an outstanding contribution to the creation of blown film technology and enjoys a high reputation internationally. Recently, the company has developed the AMTacroPack diaphragm technology to produce a commercial-strength nylon PVDC separator in the world.

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