China's aromatics complete technology to overcome the last technology fortress

It was learned from Sinopec Group that the last technical fortress of China's aromatics technology has made a major breakthrough and Sinopec has become the third company in the world with proprietary intellectual property technology.

On October 9, Yangzi Petrochemical undertook the major scientific research project of Sinopec, which is the development of aromatic hydrocarbon adsorption separation technology and industrial demonstration equipment. The product purity reached 99.7%. Since then, Sinopec has mastered a full set of aromatics production technologies such as complete technology design, engineering construction, and efficient adsorbent production, which will provide technical support for the subsequent development of aromatics industry in China.

Aromatic hydrocarbons and ethylene are two major branches of petrochemicals and are indicators of a country’s petrochemical industrial production capacity. Prior to this, China, as the world’s largest consumer of paraxylene, did not have its own set of technologies. Sinopec increased investment in scientific research, fostered independent innovation capabilities, and developed core technologies with independent intellectual property rights. While successfully developing ethylene technology, it has also successfully developed platinum reforming, disproportionation, and isomerization in aromatics technology. Separation of toluene and other aromatics production technology, and adsorption separation as the final fortress of aromatics complete sets of technology.

Sinopec Organizational Stone Institute, Engineering Construction Corporation, Yangzi Petrochemical and Catalyst Branches, together with the final fortress of the research and application of the aromatic hydrocarbon technology - adsorption separation technology, to form the Sinopec aromatic hydrocarbon complete technology with independent intellectual property rights. In October 2010, the development of aromatics adsorptive separation technology and industrial demonstration equipment started construction at Yangzi Petrochemical.

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