Belt dryer

Overview The belt dryer consists of several individual unit sections. Each unit segment includes a circulation fan, a heating device, a separate or common fresh air intake system and an exhaust gas discharge system. The operating parameters of the quantity of drying medium, temperature, humidity and exhaust gas circulation amount can be controlled independently, so as to ensure the reliability of the dry machine operation and the optimization of the operating conditions. The belt dryer has the advantages of flexible operation, wet material feeding, and drying process in a completely sealed box. The working conditions are good and the leakage of dust is avoided.

Working principle Material is evenly laid on the mesh belt by a feeder. The mesh belt is made of 12-60 mesh stainless steel mesh. Drag in the dryer by the drive. The dryer consists of several units. Each unit has its hot air circulates independently. Part of the exhaust gas is discharged by a special dehumidifying fan. The exhaust gas is controlled by a regulating valve. The hot gas passes through the material placed on the mesh belt from bottom to top or from top to bottom. Dry and remove moisture. The mesh belt moves slowly, the operating speed can be adjusted freely according to the material temperature, and the dried product continuously falls into the receiver. The upper and lower circulation units can be flexibly equipped according to the needs of users, and the number of units can be selected according to the needs.

Structure (1) Single-stage belt dryer: The material to be dried is evenly distributed to the conveyor belt from the feed end via the feeding device. Conveyor belts are usually made of perforated stainless steel sheets, driven by a motor via a gearbox, which can be speed-controlled. The drying cabinet body is usually divided into several units so as to independently control the operating parameters and optimize the operation. There is an isolation section between the drying sections where there is no circulation of the drying medium. (2) Multi-stage belt dryer: The multi-stage belt dryer is essentially composed of several single-stage belt dryers in series. Its operating principle is the same as that of a single-stage belt dryer. (3) Multi-layer belt dryer: The multi-layer belt dryer is often used in applications where the drying speed is low, the drying time is long, and the process operating conditions can be kept constant throughout the drying process. The spacers are arranged between the layers to direct the directional flow of the drying medium to make the materials dry and uniform. The multi-layer belt dryer occupies a small area, has a simple structure and is widely used for drying cereal materials. However, due to multiple loading and unloading during operation, it is not suitable for dry-easy-adhesion conveyor belts and materials that are not allowed to crack. (4) Impact belt dryer: The impact belt dryer is suitable for drying the surface coating of fabrics, tobacco leaves, substrates and other sheet materials. Impact belts usually consist of two conveyor belts. The impact belt machine can be divided into unit sections for independent control. After the drying medium is humidified, it is partially discharged, and the other part is recycled after being mixed with fresh dry media.

Characteristics (1) The vibration and impact of the material on the belt dryer are slight, and the material particles are not easy to pulverize and crush. Therefore, it is also suitable for drying certain materials that are not allowed to crack. (2) The belt dryer not only provides for the drying of materials, but it can also be used to bake, burn or mature the material. (3) The structure of belt dryer is not complicated, it is easy to install and it can run for a long time. If there is a failure, it can enter the inside of the box for inspection and maintenance.

Application range It is used for the drying of flake, strip and granular materials with good air permeability. It is especially suitable for dehydrated vegetables, Chinese Herbal Pieces and other materials with high moisture content and material temperature is not allowed to be high; this series of dryers have drying speed Fast, high evaporation intensity, good product quality. For the creamy material of the dehydrated filter cake, it may be dried after being granulated or made into a rod shape.


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