EUR 30 million acquisition of Europe's leading rubber machinery company

Following the acquisition of the entire equity interest in Canada McRolls Mechanical Engineering Co., Ltd. by Rubber & Plastics for USD 8.5 million last year, Dalian Rubber & Plastics has recently made a breakthrough in overseas mergers and acquisitions. 21st Century Network was informed by the Dalian City Economic and Information Commission that the old rubber machinery manufacturer in Europe and America, the BUZULUK company, was in the process of progress. The transaction amounted to 30 million euros.

According to this year's semi-annual report, the overseas operating income reached 160 million yuan, more than half of the domestic market, operating income increased 3608.65% over the previous year. According to the company, the main reason for the increase in main business income during the reporting period compared with the same period of last year was mainly due to the merger of Micronesia's report. After the successful acquisition of McRoy Mechanical Engineering Co., Ltd. Canada, through its effective integration of Macron's R&D capabilities and its own manufacturing and processing advantages, Da Rubber and Plastics has absorbed, reinvented and reinvented dozens of patented technologies, and has now become the flagship product. The plastic calender unit was successfully applied.

The acquisition of Rubber and Plastics apparently hopes to repeat the year.

It is understood that BUZULUK KOMAROV a. s. The company is the only supplier of piston rings in the Czech Republic and ranks first in Europe in the industry sector and third in the world. The company signed the letter of intent and confidentiality agreement in February of this year. The preliminary and mid-term inspections and preliminary negotiations of the project have been completed. It is scheduled to sign the M&A contract at the end of September and the property will be paid and delivered at the end of December.

At present, McCroa has sales outlets in China and the Czech Republic, and 80% of its sales revenue comes from markets outside Canada. The acquisition is expected to form a joint force with the previous acquisition of Macronix to increase the sales volume of Rubber & Plastics overseas.

According to the reporter's understanding, the acquisition will still be jointly conducted by Dazhou Rubber and its major shareholders.

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