·Chongqing will issue special number plates for five types of key vehicles such as school buses

On August 2, the Chongqing Municipal Public Security Bureau’s Traffic Patrol Police Corps was informed that the city will issue special number plates for large passenger buses, large passenger buses for tourist passengers, large passenger buses, school buses and dangerous chemicals transport vehicles. Regulate the responsibility of transport enterprises, standardize the operation of operating vehicles, and reduce potential safety hazards.
It is understood that vehicles other than the above-mentioned five types of vehicles, such as rural passenger vans, small passenger cars, bus buses, rental buses, and rental buses, are not included in the scope of distribution. Large car and trailer number plates are yellow, and small vehicle number plates are blue.
The newly registered key vehicles will issue a special number plate from June 6, 2016. The key vehicles registered before this time will be re-issued from August 1, 2016 to October 31. If the vehicle has not been reissued after the end of the centralized re-issuance, it may apply for renewal when applying for the inspection conformity mark and handling the relevant registration business. Free replacement of the special number plates for the key vehicles in use.
After the replacement of the key vehicle number plate, the special section of Chongqing Highway Passenger Car is 渝AG****, 渝A*G***, 渝A**G**; the special segment of the tourist passenger car is 渝AL ****; "Yue to non-" car special section is 渝AY****; school bus special section is 渝AJ****; large hazardous chemicals car special section is 渝AH**** ( Large), small hazardous chemicals car special section 渝 A0H*** (small), 渝A0W*** (small), 渝AH*** hanging, 渝A0H** hanging. The number plate selection method is strictly in accordance with the management requirements of the motor vehicle number plate of the Ministry of Public Security, and the number plate of the key vehicles will be issued and re-issued. The number of the number plate will be determined by the computer random shake number "30 election 1", and the vehicle of the new number will be replaced. It is handled at the vehicle management office where the car is located.
The relevant person in charge of the Chongqing Municipal Public Security Bureau’s Traffic Patrol Police Corps said that the issuance of special number plates for key vehicles is conducive to the people to distinguish between legal operation and illegal operation of vehicles, so that the units of key vehicles can strengthen the supervision and control of roads on key vehicles; The management department supervises the main responsibility of the transportation enterprise, regulates the operational behavior of the operating vehicles, and effectively reduces potential safety hazards; it helps the public security organ traffic management department to effectively increase the supervision of key vehicles and prevent heavy road traffic accidents.


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