Several advantages of mobile stage cars

Different from the previous stage vehicles, the mobile stage vehicles are more sought after by the consumers because of their characteristics of applicability. He has made further adjustments based on the shortcomings and limitations of the previous stage cars, and the technology has progressed continuously. The functions have also become diversified. What advantages does the mobile stage car have?


Judging from the controllability of the vehicle itself, the mechanical system of the mobile stage car has been greatly improved. Not only has the engine's working performance become stronger, but the overall body structure has also been more economical than before. This is fundamentally The weight of the stage car itself is reduced, not only is it more convenient and quicker in operation, but also does not appear some common faults, and the design mode that mainly stems from the mobile stage car has made great changes.

From the perspective of the overall layout of the mobile stage car, the proportion of space occupied by each part of the stage car is also more reasonable. The first is the cab. It uses a flat-head design, and it is easier to integrate with the car body in terms of overall structure. His visual range is increased, which not only enlarges the driver's field of vision but also guarantees the operation and safety during driving. The main space layout of the mobile stage handlebars was left to the manufacture of the carriages, because in order to highlight the authenticity and three-dimensionality of the stage at the performance venue, only the minor aspects could be laid to highlight the importance of the main aspects. This is also the reason why the mobile stage car is so affected. One of the great advantages of welcome.

In addition, the mobile stage car can better reflect its advantages in the tour performance. Considering the constant replacement of the venue, the mobile stage car is more convenient in driving. It is not as rigid as the regular stage car. No matter whether it is in actual transportation or in the process of driving, the stage car cannot reach the speed, and in the development of the stage, the mobile stage car adopts a flip-type deployment mode, which saves more staff in the stage layout. Time, and more convenient to control. This is mainly due to advanced equipment and simple and easy operating systems for mobile stage cars.

Vacuum Dough Kneader/Vacuum Kneader:

This machine developed by our company is the most advanced domestic kneading machine. It is mainly applicable for making various flour products. Its mixing leaves can be adjusted according to the characteristic of wheat flour. Many mixing leaves developed by our company have been granted the national patents. This vacuum kneading machine is under the vacuum condition imitating the manually kneading to quickly form the gluten and proportionate the protein structure. The kneaded dough has better extension and elasticity, more smooth surface, and better looking than any others.

With human-machine interface and PLC control, the machine has high automation level and is convenient to operate. After inputing the process procedure, the machine will complete the whole kneading process automatically. Also it can be manually controlled to satisfy different demands of production.

Advanced Vacuum Dough Kneading Technology

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