"Machine Substitution" to polish "Made in Dongguan" About 500 robots and supporting enterprises

"Machine Substitution" has become the trend of the industry, and it is also true in the food processing industry. Intelligent, automated production lines have greatly increased productivity and created practical production benefits. According to statistics, there are about 500 robots and supporting companies in Dongguan, involving many fields. This wave of "robots" will not only polish the "Made in Dongguan" brand, but also greatly promote the upgrading of local industries.

In recent years, the Dongguan robotics industry is developing rapidly under the backdrop of Dongguan's vigorous implementation of the "machine-for-agent" policy and the encouragement of upgrading industrial equipment technology. Recently, it was held by the Robot Industry Association of Dongguan City and co-organized by the Dongguan Association of Enterprises with Foreign Investment to hold a "Robots' Forum - Application and Development Opportunities for Canton Robots."

The forum aims to promote high-tech industries to lead the next round of industrial transformation and upgrading. It has invited a representative robot company in Dongguan to share the current status of the application of intelligent production equipment in Dongguan, electronics, mobile phone assembly, logistics and other industries. The forum attracted more than 120 robots, automation companies and manufacturing companies from Dongguan and neighboring cities.

Robot companies delve into technology to accelerate development

At the forum, the report of Xia Dexiang, general manager of Dongguan Kaisheng Electronics Co., Ltd., titled “The Opportunity and Misunderstanding of Robot Substitution”. In his speech, he spoke on “machine substitution or robot substitution” and “non-standard equipment and standard machines. The issues of "contending" and "robots are primarily machines, not people" illustrate their unique insights.

Xia Dexiang shared a story with a group of companies on how to break through the technical difficulties and win the market. “A company has changed from using a German machine to using our machine. However, it requires that our soldering technology not exceed 30 degrees. This is a German parameter. The domestic solder temperature standard is between 80 and 130 degrees. This is for us. A challenge that needs to be overcome.” Xia Dexiang said: “After several days and nights, our R&D team overcame all kinds of technical difficulties. The final temperature was 27 degrees higher than the standard of German products to gain customers and markets. The recognition."

Kai Sheng Electronics Co., Ltd. of Dongguan City actively develops and takes root in the field of service robots, and now has more than half of the market share in the field of service robots nationwide.

Subsequently, the Dongguan robotics company Dongguan Speed ​​Meida Automation Co., Ltd. and Dongguan Lisheng Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. shared the status and application of Dongguan robot development at the forum. Among them, Zhang Jun, assistant to the chairman of Dongguan Lisheng Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd., made a speech on the theme of “Robotic Production Line Revolution—Application of Industrial Robots in Intelligent Factory”.

A series of policies introduced to help "machine substitutions"

In recent years, more and more companies in Dongguan have realized the importance of the "machine substitution" upgrade. According to statistics, from September 2014 to January 2016, Dongguan has declared a total of 1,319 special fund-raising projects for “machine substitution” with a total investment of 10.868 billion yuan, and the number of projects and the total investment have both ranked first in the province.

With the release of the "machine-for-agent" bonus, the "Wan production" robotics company has also blossomed and ushered in burst-style development. According to the Dongguan Robot Industry Association, there are at least 500 companies in Dongguan that currently have robots and related equipment (including basic parts and integrated system vendors).
In view of the huge robot market, Chen Yonggang, Secretary-General of the Dongguan Robot Industry Association, believes that this presents opportunities and challenges for Dongguan. He believes that there are two main opportunities for Dongguan's robotics industry: On the one hand, because of the status of the world's factories, Dongguan has a rich industrial base and complete supporting facilities. The development of the robotics industry has unique advantages. On the other hand, the Dongguan government strongly supports the robot industry. Development, from the research institutes, robot bases, talents, entrepreneurial environment, Dongguan has these conditions.

Chen Yonggang said: "Dongguan has a rich manufacturing industry base, and the upstream and downstream industries are relatively complete. The development of the robot industry can be linked to the entire ecological chain. This is our advantage. At the same time, we also hope that the members of the Association can produce equipment in Dongguan. Find the equipment you need and promote our own equipment.”

At the same time, Chen Yonggang is concerned that compared with the foreign robotics industry, the robot industry in Dongguan and even China is relatively late, and there are still some gaps compared with foreign brands. “As an example of a robotic device, at the beginning of its operation, our robots and imported goods are the same, and may be slightly better in terms of efficiency. However, as the running time goes by, our robots may experience errors and their lifetime. It is also facing a downturn."

Chen Yonggang analyzed that the above-mentioned problems have arisen because our robots are still immature in terms of technology, craftsmanship, materials, etc. This is also the bottleneck that needs to be overcome in the future.

In order to promote the development of the robotics industry in Dongguan, the Dongguan municipal government issued a series of policies. At the beginning of this year, Dongguan issued 50 “Robotic and Intelligent Manufacturing” programs. Through policies, funds, and other support, it opened up the bottleneck encountered by Dongguan in the development of robots and smart equipment industry, and strongly encouraged companies to purchase the intelligent production equipment of Dongguan to implement the “machine change”. people". Many companies believe that this is a good opportunity for traditional enterprises to achieve transformation and upgrading and “machine substitution”, and it also gives us a new round of opportunities for the development of the “Wan Production Robot”.

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