How to operate the crane safely

For many of our friends, they want to learn the techniques of driving a crane in order to allow them to survive better in society. Choosing the technology of the crane will have a good economic guarantee for our future life. So how can we learn to crane quickly? The next Xiaobian will talk to you about related issues.

First of all, to operate a crane , it is necessary to first understand the performance of the crane, especially at what angle, under what length can lift multiple cargoes. Which goods cannot be dropped, and so on. The second is to master some of the relevant technical skills, this time have to ask some friends who will open the crane or some masters. Because they have experienced many years of crane driving, there will certainly be a lot of experience accumulated. At this time, asking them for advice can save them a lot of time. So what are some of the things we need to learn about driving cranes? Xiao Bian also summarized some for everyone.


When driving a crane , first adjust the view of the rearview mirror, and then observe whether there are some obstacles in the car and then design the route of driving. At the same time, we must also investigate the geology of the work to be performed on the spot. If it is on one side with a high side, we must be able to get a pad and keep the balance of the crane. Immediately after the start of the crane, we must pay attention to what kind of environment, what kind of work we have to do, grasp the extent of the dryness according to the actual situation, but also take into account the special nature of the goods transferred. If the goods are on the ground, the view is good and the environment is not too long at this time. If you are going to work at heights, you must have a full shot and you must keep your eyes open. Don't be a little sloppy.

With regard to how to learn the technology of driving a crane, Xiao Bian provided the above specific methods for everyone, hoping to have a reference for our friends who study the crane. In fact, if you want to learn the real crane technology, we need to work hard and hard work in order to learn.


Truck Mounted Crane is also called Crane truck, Crane. Crane Lifting and lorry fit together, used for railway stations, warehouses, docks, construction sites, Rescue field and other places. Cargo truck can be equipped with different lengths and different tonnage cranes.


Truck mounted crane loading capacity divide: 1T, 2T, 3T..............25T

Truck mounted Crane type divide: Folding boom crane truck, telescopic boom crane truck,telescope crane truck,Knuckle Crane truck.

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Truck Mounted Crane

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