Shenyang Automation micro-nano robot made a breakthrough in the field of progress

Micro-nano robots are the forefront of robotics and have wide application prospects in noninvasive surgery, drug delivery, micro-nano manufacturing and other fields, and have attracted the interest of many scientists worldwide. Despite decades of development, micro-nano robots have made great strides, but the problems of energy supply, drive control, operation flexibility and the like of the micro-nano robots are still affected by the factors such as the size of the robot body and material properties The key challenge. In response to the above problems, the micro-nano research group of Shenyang Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences has proposed a new technology that uses biological bacteria as a robot body to accomplish the task of micro / nano operation through group control.

The international academic journal softmatter covers the schematic diagram of the study: Using motile algae cells with phototaxis as motion-controllable monolithic micro-robots, theoretical analysis and construction of the cluster-effect forces generated by group robot motions based on Brownian motion theory Through the design of the optical path and the spot induction, the control of the group robot is realized, and then the accurate capture, the directional movement and the fixed point release of the fine objects are completed. Due to the biological bacteria have the direct high efficiency from the solution of chemical energy into mechanical energy characteristics, so to some extent to solve the problem of micro-robot energy supply. At the same time, because the control is based on Brownian motion generated by the micro-robot group, the control method reduces the requirements on the material and the shape of the operated object and improves the applicability, flexibility and efficiency of the operation.

The softmatter in the form of a cover paper published in Shenyang Automation micro and nano group in the field of micro-nano robot made the latest achievements, following the actaphysico-chimicasinica, appliedphysicsletters, ieeenanotechnologymagazine and other cover papers, research group once again won the title of international authoritative journals cover Published, indicating that Shenyang Automation micro-nano robot constantly made new progress in the field of innovation and domestic and international influence steadily improved.

The micro-nano research group focuses on the integration of nanotechnology, biotechnology and electromechanical systems and expects to utilize new physical and biological principles to enhance the robot's perception, actuation and control performance. Around the above thought, this year has published a series of papers in international scientific journals such as scientific reports, bioin spiration & biomimetics, nano technology, iee etranson biomedical engineering, biomedical microdevices, etc., laying a foundation for the systematic and systematic study of layout and achieving better results in the future.

The research has been supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China and the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Shenyang Automation scientific research published by softmatter cover.

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