Those car knowledge we don’t know

Although the car's headlights may touch every day, we may not be very clear about some of its little common sense. Let's take a look at some of the little details we don't know about.


1, why the rear lights are red

Since red is the most distant band in the spectrum, penetrating power is strong, and there is also a warning effect. Therefore, from the perspective of psychology, red can give an indication of alarm. Countries also have relevant laws and regulations. For example, the Japanese safety regulations and the European standard ECE7 stipulate that the luminous intensity near the center shall be 4~12cd red, and the regulations for the installation of exterior lighting and light signal devices for automobiles and trailers in China "It is also clearly required that the rear position lamp should use red light.

2. Why "double flash" looks yellow

Because the national regulations turn the lights to amber, the use of other colors is illegal. Because the yellow penetrating power is stronger, the more eye-catching is like a fog lamp, and at the same time it will not be as red as people can see.


3. What is the role of daytime driving lights

The function of the daytime running lights is not for lighting, but for reminding pedestrians and other vehicles on the road. Driving a daytime driving light in foreign countries can reduce 12.4% of accidents and reduce the number of accidents. 26.4% chance of death. Although China does not currently have mandatory installation of daytime driving lights like in Europe, more and more models have begun to deploy this function.

4、What is the difference between the US and China regulations?

In the United States, side-turning lights and rear fog lights are optional, but they are mandatory in the regulations (European regulations). The blinking rhythm of the turn signal is not the same as the change. The US regulations allow rotation flashes and changes in the way of 30-100-30-100, while the China Regulation (European Regulation) does stipulate that all turn signals of all vehicles must be turned on and off. And change according to 0-1-0-1 style. The light color and brightness of the daytime running lights are also different. For example, in North America, the brightness of daytime running lights cannot exceed 7,000 candelas, and the light color can be yellow. On the European side, the light color specification for daytime running lights is 400. - Between 1200 candelas, and the light color must be white.

The above are some of the different regulations for car lights in some countries. Understanding the regulations of different countries can help us to drive better.

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