Talking about the past and present of electric vehicles: "Spring" has come?

Now it seems that electric cars are more like a "new thing" to replace the "old thing" of fuel vehicles. However, electric cars have existed in the early days, and they have experienced a short "spring", but the good times are not long. Electric cars have not become mainstream in the history of the century-old car, and they have not left too much ink. So why didn't the electric car have a fire at that time? Not because of money. So today, a hundred years later, electric cars will face the same dilemma because of the price?

Electric car, cruising range, power battery, Tesla

Why did the electric car not fire a hundred years ago: not because of money

Why did electric cars become red in the net a hundred years ago?

1899-1900 was the spring of electric cars. During that period, electric cars sold better than other types of cars. According to the data, in 1900, 30% of the total number of American cars was electric cars. So why did it become the "net red" at that time?

Electric car, cruising range, power battery, Tesla

Electric car invented by British Thomas Parker

Everyone knows that before the car was born, the horse-drawn carriage was popular. It was everyone who used to the carriage ride experience. It would be difficult to change for a while. This is the social background of the first car that Mercedes-Benz developed and spurred on the car, which gave the electric car a chance. In the early days, the electric car was a horse-free carriage. It would not emit odor, no noise or vibration. Compared with the fuel car at that time, the driving experience was closer to the carriage, and even easier than the carriage. More importantly, at that time, the fuel car did not have the longest battery life (after all, the oil was going to the pharmacy to buy), which made the electric car become the mainstream model.

▍Ford "extinguished" electric cars

However, in 1935, the electric car seemed to be in the process of car history, and it was not related to Ford. Ford Motor Co., Ltd. realized large-scale mass production, efficiently promoted automobile production, and most importantly, scale. Production is conducive to reducing production costs, which is directly reflected in the final price of the car, when an electric convertible car sold for $1,750, the price of a fuel car was only $650, plus the new fuel car got A large improvement, a strong price advantage is the fuel-burning fuel booster.

Electric car, cruising range, power battery, Tesla

German electric taxi

The story that follows is as everyone's impression, and the fuel car has been revolutionized in industrial machinery and safety protection. Until the emergence of the oil crisis:

|In 1970, the United States issued the Clean Air Act

|In 1973, the first oil crisis broke out

| In 1976, the US Congress passed the Electric Vehicle and Hybrid Vehicle Research and Development and Model Act

Electric cars want to counterattack with the oil crisis. In the 1970s, electric car brands such as Sebring-Vanguard emerged, but this is only a small problem in the car trend.

Electric car, cruising range, power battery, Tesla

Edison and his electric car

Time toggle to now, electrification has been the main vehicle development trends, so that the oil ban (Germany not yet in force) in Europe, Norway, Germany, car prices forced the transformation of the production of new energy vehicles type; and in the United States, led by Tesla Electric car brands are on the rise; in China, emerging car brands are all under the banner of new energy. According to the situation, electric vehicles are likely to overtake the fuel car to become the mainstream car model, but the form will be more abundant, not only a single pure electric vehicle, but also plug-in hybrid models, fuel cell models and so on. Then the old question is coming, will the price increase dramatically become a roadblock for the popularity of electric vehicles?

▍Do you save money by driving an electric car now?

Obviously, a hundred years ago, electric cars lost at an expensive price. So is the cost of comparing electric and fuel vehicles only at the price? Obviously not, we are mainly considering two costs, one is the cost of car purchase, and the other is the cost of use.

In terms of the cost of car purchase, according to the list of automobile manufacturing costs of a car company, the cost of the battery of the electric vehicle reaches 50% of the total cost of the vehicle. Although this data cannot be applied to all electric vehicles in a partial manner, the battery Cost is a fact that is largely recognized. Even with the high-powered Tesla electric car, the cost of the battery accounts for 25% of the total cost of the vehicle, which is still at a fairly high price, and for more low-cost domestic electric vehicles, the cost of the battery The ratio will be higher. This originally only calculated the cost of the fuel tank on the fuel vehicle and increased it to more than 25% of the cost of the whole vehicle. In addition, the vehicle enterprise invested in research and development costs in power system management and production platforms, which is directly reflected in the high selling price of electric vehicles. .

Electric car, cruising range, power battery, Tesla


In response to this, our country has introduced a tempting new energy subsidy for car purchases. This was originally a powerful means for the government to intervene in the market. Originally, it was thought that it could reduce the pressure on consumers to buy electric cars. I did not expect to come up with a series of Lifans. Waiting for the car companies to swindle the scandal. This also prompted the government to reflect on the new energy vehicle subsidy policy. It has been pointed out that the reason why electric vehicles are expensive has not yet formed a large scale of production. This can be proved in Tesla. The reason why Tesla dares to launch the cheap Tesla Model 3 is derived from its presence in the United States. The construction of the super battery factory is gradually being put into production.

In terms of the cost of use, under the high pressure of soaring oil prices, everyone feels that it is always more economical to drive an electric car than a fuel car. This is not entirely wrong, but the angle of calculation is different, from the perspective of 100 km travel cost. Look, the advantage of cheap electricity must overshadow expensive oil prices. However, we often overlook the cost of charging the electric vehicle and the battery efficiency, and even the time cost that is difficult to quantify. However, the advantages of electric vehicles in maintenance costs are obvious. Compared with fuel vehicles, it is necessary to continuously replenish oil. Electric vehicles simply need to supplement gear oil.

Electric car, cruising range, power battery, Tesla

We did not seriously compare the detailed vehicle cost data for both electric and fuel vehicles.

The atmospheric environment and energy shortage are deteriorating. Under the premise that the cost of electric vehicles has not fallen, I think most people buy electric vehicles not for environmental protection. Of course, let's not discuss the issue of the environmental protection of electric vehicles in China is a false proposition. More because it is not possible to shake the number, the auction license plate is very expensive, so "forced" to buy electric cars. As for whether electric vehicles will become popular, we cannot predict, who knows that the path of electric vehicles must be accurate?

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