Less than 1 ton of load? JAC pure electric garbage truck announced

Recently, a pure electric light truck using the Jianghuai chassis was found on the website of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. The car uses a lithium iron phosphate battery as a power source and will be available in the future as a detachable garbage truck. According to relevant information, this pure electric light truck has a load of less than 1 ton.

This new car uses the JAC light truck chassis, and has joined the new energy equipment such as batteries, was transformed into a pure electric vehicle, after the transformation was named Hualin. The length, width and height of the vehicle are: 4580mm, 1626mm, 1960mm. The maximum total mass is 2980kg. You can hang a blue photo and a friend holding a C1 driver's license can drive.

The vehicle's mass is 2010kg. According to the calculation, the car can load up to 970kg of cargo, even less than 1 ton. The vehicle is driven by a lithium iron phosphate battery, and the maximum speed can reach 80km/h. The vehicle body does not have its own ABS antilock configuration, and it requires the owner to assemble it.

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