Is electric cars really more environmentally friendly than fuel cars?

Reading: In this era of environmental protection is increasingly rooted in people's minds, a considerable number of people choose to buy electric cars because of its environmental protection, the use of electric energy to reduce emissions, protect the atmosphere. But is electric cars really more environmentally friendly? Better to take a look at the article below

Is electric cars really more environmentally friendly than fuel cars?

Experts from the National Bureau of Economic Research recently conducted a study to find out the actual cost of driving an electric car. As a result, they carefully compared the cost and pollution data of electric vehicles and traditional fuel vehicles from production to use. Through massive data analysis, including fuel efficiency, pollution proliferation and health, and comprehensive damage to the environment, economists have found out whether driving an electric car is environmentally friendly, mainly depending on where you live and what the local electricity source is.

From the analysis of the energy structure, China's coal-dominated countries, due to the fact that environmental protection standards are not strict, produce pollutants emitted by electric power plants at one time, which is actually far greater than the pollutants emitted by traditional car-burning gasoline.

We all know that China's coal is very cheap. Basically, the main source of electricity is burning coal. Although electric vehicles do not emit exhaust gas, the use of electricity still causes large amounts of carbon emissions. In addition, batteries used in electric vehicles in China are not mature enough to produce a lot of chemical poisons, whether they are produced, used or discarded. This damage to the environment is irreversible. Previously, some experts had publicly stated that if China's current power generation method is used (based on coal), from the perspective of CO2 emission reduction, electric vehicles have little role in environmental protection.

However, on the other hand, electric vehicles also have the advantage that fuel vehicles do not have. Coal power generation itself is relatively concentrated. Through technological upgrading and other means, it is easy to solve the emission problem from the root. This must be a condition that fuel vehicles do not have. At the same time, with the support of related policies, more and more clean electricity, such as wind power, solar power, and nuclear power, are starting to replace traditional coal-fired power, which accounts for an increasing proportion. While greatly optimizing China's power structure, it will also significantly increase Reduce the emission of pollutants caused by coal power.

Of course, as our consumers, we can't really listen to manufacturers' environmental protection sales slogans from certain aspects and buy electric cars. We should rationally think about rational consumption.

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