Car paint FAQ, how much do you know?

When using a car in general, everyone knows that the paint surface of the car is relatively fragile, because it has to go through the wind and rain, but also experience high temperatures and cold. After all, the paint is made of metal, and it is impossible to keep going without problems. However, if the maintenance of the paint surface is done well, it can avoid a lot of problems. Just like the beauty of the car paint, we can see that the car paint that has been maintained is brighter. However, the unpainted car paint is darker, so how to solve the car paint problem becomes the key. Let me tell you some common problems with car paint finishes.


1, scratches

When the car is in use, it will often have some small scratches, because there are more cars now, and this may happen if your parking place is wrong or the technology is not good. However, these small frictions are well repaired, but it takes time to process, otherwise it is easy to oxidize and become large, eventually causing a large area of ​​car peeling, which costs more time and effort. Especially when the summer sun is full, it is easier to be oxidized. This can also be treated by polishing.

2, crack

This is usually the case with a car wash under Tianyang, because the water droplets on the car will refract the car, which is like a magnifying glass. We have done experiments when we were young, and we can use a magnifying glass to point a match. This heat can of course be a crack in the paint. There is also the possibility that this problem may occur if you do not pay attention to the maintenance of the paint after a long period of use. The quality of the paint and the craftsmanship of the paint are the main culprit when painting the car. If the crack is not treated in time, it will continue to infiltrate the paint, and the cracks will continue to expand, causing the entire paint layer to be "punched." This kind of general needs to be re-made for sheet metal painting.


3, water marks

This name is the trace of the car because the water stains have not been treated and then appeared. Many people think that the traces should be wiped off, but this is not so easy to solve, it will also oxidize and then become water marks. . This kind of need to re-wax the car can be handled. Generally, this situation will make the car body dark, tarnished, and serious must be repainted, so this is still very destructive.

4, paint surface oxidation

The paint surface of the car is oxidized. This is an inevitable problem. As mentioned above, it is related to oxidation. Because the car is always surrounded by air, when the car is under the sun for a long time, the varnish on the paint is It will evaporate, and when it takes a long time, it will lose its luster. It also reduces the life of the paint. The solution that can be solved is to need waxing, and there is also a way to remove the paint, this can be solved. Polishing solutions are also possible. Otherwise, the phenomenon that the paint layer of the automobile is oxidized may occur.


Frequently Asked Questions about Car Paint Finishes, you know how much you have to say, so be sure to pay attention to maintenance and maintenance when there is a problem with the paint. Don’t worry about the small scratches, but it will become a big scratch. Because scratches are oxidized. Apply a little toothpaste when there are small scratches, so that it can play a protective role. If you need to paint, you must go to the homepage to paint, although the price is more expensive, but the quality is guaranteed.

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